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Arrow kj vs a8

this was not a misread. you said you knew from earlier that he liked to play a lot of hands from the bb. you had a read on him, you just ignored it. also, unless the blinds are enormous (as is common in online tourneys) or you are shortstacked, stealing the blinds is not worth risking all of your chips.

now, my game. sometimes i start to get superstitious, if i get the same thing two hands in a row, or if i get a pocket pair three hands in a row. it doesnt much affect my play, but it sits in my mind. last tourney i played it was to just me and another, i was dealing and an ace flipped up that would have been mine. rule states that i take the burn card instead of that card. Well i would have had pocket aces, i had a2 instead. the other guy went all in(he did this a lot... every 4 hands average, when called it was ussually two face cards) the blinds were huge. i called, maybe because of the superstitions, but i hit an ace and won the thing. he had kq. another problem i have is sometimes i think that i can win just through play, i start to bluff a lot and get too creative for the players i'm against and sometimes i raise the flop then slowplay the turn or some dumb combo that doesnt really work out.

i am pretty good at reading people, more through their betting patterns than their expressions. and i am pretty good at laying down hands, draws, low straights and lots preflop. i can play a mid (and even low) pair pretty aggressive if i think i can take it down