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Smile Poker in the future

Strongest: being selective about anything- games,starters,pots to enter,moves to make. More importantly, while waiting for the right time to do anything during a game, I listen to the silence that occurs around a player's actions, that tells me much more than i could ever figure out on my own. It's where that ol' telegraph wire exists that tells me what he's got. Keeping the mental chatter down to a low roar, it's like someone puts an image in there and it shows up when there's a blank canvas. Basically, being opened-minded enough to let what is always occurring to show up. Instinct is a poor word. Too reactionary. More like "knowing". Instinct says "i've the best hand, go with it". Knowing says "this hand will not win anyway. Luck is getting ready to strike, be careful"

Weakest: not listening to that inner voice. (my gameplay is pretty good)