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Originally Posted by Chad
I think party poker is fixed. I took an insane amount of bad beats. I'll go all in with a set or 2 pair or top pair and almost always lose on the river. I believe that its fixed to speed up the game so another game can start to collect the rakes from. I'll get crappy players calling a huge bet with nothing but an inside straight draw and catch on the river.
Also, I played a $1 NL game at Bugsy's once. I tried to lose on purpose. But instead I continued to make ridiculous bad beats. Heck, I went all in on the last hand with a J 7 off against pocket 10s and flopped a JJ7. I was all in 15 times that game with 9 calls and 1 loss. It was prolly fixed to built up one's confidence to play more expensive games.
I have to agree with you on that, although I don't mind because I usually don't play for real money. I've played hands where I would have a straight going against a backdoor flush. He'd get the cards he needed 80% of the time. But like I said, I usually play with play money, so I don't mind too much :P