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Absolute is TOTALLY rigged and programmed to the hilt. They are scum of the highest order. I've played 100's of thousands of hands on there and they really have gone overboard since teaming up with the scumbags at UB. I should write an article on how to beat their STT in a consistent fashion. When I sit down I say, "you are all going to lose, and I am the winner" they think I'm kidding. I'm not, I know how their program runs now, it is actually quite simple. I'll leave you some pointers so you can get an advantage also:

1. Be more stressed about getting early big chip lead. AP RARELY allows the early chip lead to win. I know, I know, you want to "play poker" and "dominate". Wont work. You are wasting your time. Your cards will go to crap for many rounds.

2. AP program always stages a "miracle comeback". This is regardless of player skill. Just look for when there are 4-5 players left and the 400 chip stack is on last legs with k3 suited and hits quads.

3. AP program will attempt, usually very successfully, to have roughly 3k on 4 diff seats with 1 to money. (Top 3 get paid in STT). Give or take but close enough. What? You say, " It's the 2nd round and I have 8k lead!". 3k, 4 seats. Give or take 500.

4. Of course if a total donk is giving away chips on an all in 29 hearts, let em, this has nothing to do with program.

5. AP's program attempts to end every STT on exactly the 7th round. Right on the button. It also attempts to eliminate precisely 1 person per round. Some tourneys end on the 8th, these are usually the super tight grandmas playing. Rarely will they end on the 6th, unless everyone is all in every hand or something.

6. So, if you chip up early, and/or there are multiple seats eliminated early, watch the program run through a LONG dry spell. No action, nobody gets a hand, nobody flops much, this is what I call "passing the stack". I win 200, you win 200, he wins 200, I win 200, then you. Back and forth it will go because, there were too many players eliminated early. This will go for a couple of rounds and might result in you going comatose.

7. Why? Simple. To keep the whole "gambling" part alive, "anyone, even the most inexperienced player, is guaranteed a rich experience". Skill is meaningless, poker or otherwise. Just work the program, way easier. If some donk wants to give away chips for nothing, so be it, take em. Just be aware that the AP program is very wary of anyone with a commanding chip lead in STT's. It will make every effort to knock yours down and even out the stacks. This is where "sit out" comes in handy until later rounds.

Also to add to the "why" part, I'll use an example from another very jacked up site that is no longer with us, ever hear of "Golden Palace Poker?". True scum of the earth. But, if you were smart, you could sign up for some of the lower stakes STT's, sign off, go have a beer, and get to money without even playing. AP has effectively guaranteed that that will NEVER happen. Least not that I've seen. Sit outs will NOT get to money, EVER. Now on an STT, you would think that some would be 2 rounds, some 3, some 4, some 5, etc, before they got to money.

Not AP, you will blind out before level 7 comes around, guaranteed. You will NOT get in the money if you sit out the entire tourney. This is what their program has accomplished. I think it's good, but at same time, it's bad. What kind of site has poker rounds like clockwork? Why does it always hit level 7 then BAM everyone has incredible hands.

Why does the 10k stack vs. 1.5k stack go all in say with 10K off to QQ and since AP wants that table freed up, the tourney is over, every time. In fact I write "GG" in there first because I know preflop that the game is over. Since AP shuts the table down the instant the hand is played, even the chat, then you know they are attempting to muzzle the players, shut them up and get them out. This is also why they wisely eliminated the observer chat, unlike every other poker site which doesn't seem to be so afraid of TALKING. Even on playchips they have no observer chat, whats a matter AP? fraid I will coach people on how to manipulate your program to their benefit? I already do that, and the ones that listen, WIN. And I WIN.

But I'd rather play poker, and you don't deal poker so I'll stick to real cards that aren't dealt on a timetable with clocklike precision.