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Hello Everyone, First of all Absolute Poker is a Scam and its sick to think Hellmuth endorses this site, first things first when i play this site nothing is random, my first cards at a sitngo are always 72off , and after that its 24 63 and other crap that wont see a flop for years!, IF i had a hundred dollars for everytime i heard someone say absolute wont let them cash out! i would have allready lost it on this site. Because thats what happens you loose on here , Now im not i fuuking idiot i know that in real poker you dont just keep getting hands like 23, 64 , 95, 24, 74 over and over and over. I meen im sorry eventually in real poker you have to see something decent. Not to mention its not just that my hands are shiit its that none of them hit!!! ever i fol and fold, And always worst hand looses! SCAM!!1 fUUK YOU ultimate beat, I HOPE YOU ALL CHOKE ON THE THOUSANDS YOUR SCAMMING FROM PEOPLE, and lets get this straight we all know at the top of this company is some COKE HEAD yuppy FUUK ASS BOSS WHOS PUTTING OUR MONEY UP HIS NOSE!!! thanks for lisening, if anyone reads this please save yourself the pain, i wish i had, These no winning here and know cash outs