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I play on here a lot. Won decent money but of late the site is horrible. I've taken bad beat left and right. The ups and downs are a joke. I will win 7 of 10 sit n go'es....followed by losing 12 straight. My style of play doesnt change. The bad beats do. I complain to VIP host and it gets worse.

The thing I dont get, why r the same ppl always winning. They arent better than me. Nobody is better than anyone on this site. Its impossible. You get KK and play them perfect and lose to a BS hand, its not being outplayed. I play live a lot too. I've seen bad beats live, but way further apart than the every 5 min AP dishes out.

I hate this, I love poke and want to play, but I may have to close my account down.

F'n sad. Just cant trust this site anymore.

M-Th last week, won 30x my bank roll.....ran real well. I had to re-buy today???? Did I change my style?? No, there was nothing I could do to stop the bleeding.....i slowed down, i waited till blinds went up to get aggressive, i played small stakes....nothing.....lose, lose lose.

Joke, and there VIP live chat is a bigger joke.