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From the thread titled "Absolute Robbery" four years ago:

" ...... Today was actually the last day I will ever play on this site, and it was a typical day that I had experienced over the course of the last month. In one hand, I had pocket 4's and called a raise along with 3 other players. The flop comes 4 8 8. After several raises and reraises, I am in this hand alone with this one fish who has already cracked me with my Aces and two pair, hit a gut shot on me, and outdrew me and others in a few other hands. Im thinking this my final chance to get back at him and that there's no way I can be outdrawn this time. After several raises and reraises, the turn and river bring on 4 8 8 Q Q ! Of course he has J 8 ....."


This may actually be the dumbest thing I've ever read. Tough to believe that someone is a fool enough to think that this hand is indicative of wrongdoing on the site's part. Bottom house losing to top trips when the board double pairs happens about 15,000x a day, welcome to poker.