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Lightbulb Bang em' pre-flop

AA KK QQ A-k, usually dont hold up after the flop especially if ur opponent flops to cards to the flush ot str8 which happens a lot, but would they have called an all-in bet pre flop with 10-9 suited i know i wouldnt, and the people that do are either really convinced that poker is gambeling, or they have so much money that it doesnt matter, or they are complete Newbs or idiots, besides AA&kk are the first and second best starting hands in hold em, and poker is about getting it in when u got the best of it and protectin it when ya dont, so if you go all in with AA pre flop u know ur dominating ne other possible hand there so go ALL IN. ive seen a lot of people lslow play em and get busted. just remember its better to win small then to lose big.