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Folding AA is not necessarily idiotic

Originally Posted by Locohombre
Did you not read the question? We are talking about pocketAs. I might fold them after the flop on a rare occasion or 2, but never before. If you ever fold pocketAs before the flop, you are obviously inexperienced. IF you go in with the best hand (As), you should WANT more people to call. You will be a coin flip at the worst and if you win, you can likely coast into a paying position without even playing a hand.

Bottom Line: Folding IS important, but folding the best hand is idiotic.
This is not entirely true. When there are (too) many callers your pocket aces become weaker. You will have the best starting hand but the more people see the flop the more likely it is that one out of the pack gets ahead of you.

It's hard to fold them, but if there are three or four people calling, the odds to win the hand with AA can be a lot worse than a coin flip...