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There are implied odds. Yes AA is the best STARTING HAND. Not the best hand. If you have pocket pairs you want to put in a large size bet before the flop to limit your competition, hopefully everyone will fold and you will win the blinds right there. If not, you are in a great position to make alot of money or lose alot of money. You do not want to lose money in a tournament and become short stacked early. People who slow play or overplay top 5 starting hands early get busted early. If there are 2 and you callers all in, you are most likely at 50% to win. 3 and you, you are at best are 40% to win. Now I ask you would you bet $10,000 when you are an underdog? Dont look at the hand strength look at the implied odds of the overall gamble. Even at 50%, that early in tournament, I would fold. There are too many times in a tournament, after the flop, that you will be able to make up that lay down. Never over value a pre flop hand. Its takes skill to properly play after the flop. Anyone can call all in pre flop and win the most money possible, Even with 7-2 os. Lay and wait, undervalue your starting hands before flop(bet them, but dont overplay them), and when you hit a hand play it properly after the flop. Thats how winners win. How many times have you seen the top 5 chip leaders after day one finish in the money? Doesnt happen very often.
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The above talks about pot odds. You cannot value pot odds as much because you cannot pull money out of your pocket, and keep playing when you lose the hand. You can never make up the odds if you are not playing anymore. If this was a ring game, its a no brainer. Even with 10 callers i would call because even if i lose, in the long run i will make money with that play. There is a huge stratagy difference on hold-em and tournament hold-em. That why alot of pros still do not play tournament holdem.