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this is my first real money site. i was practicing on party poker and the gaming club play money software for about a week or so, then i decided to join absolute because of the 35% bonus. The only thing i don;t like really is the fact that you cannot really play any other full screen software while this is laying because when it's your turn, the game window automatically steals focus, and there's no option to stop it from doing so. What this means is, if you're playing a role playing game or something int he background to pass the time between hands, it will automatically minimize that game. The problem lies in the fact that sometimes this really messes with both games. the pc might lock up for a little bit and you may lose your turn. not cool. im going to notify customer support of this to include an option to stop making the window steal focus, otherwise i am switching to the gaming club. I really do not like sitting around with my thumb up my you know where between hands on a 10 person table because i cant do anything else or else the program will mess everything up. Also, maybe i'm imagining things, but i could swear that the dealer program at this site deals you better cards the less you fold. I play very conservatively and it seems that after a while of getting junk pockets, i force myself to bid and try and make some cash as i'm getting killed just by the rake and blinds, and when i start to at least see the flop, it seems my pockets get better. fishy.