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This site is a joke. So slow, so unbelievably slow. Tightest old lady type players I've ever seen. With 1,500 in start chips a 1 or 3 buck SNG takes 3 hours. Key to site: Any and all aces all the time. Rags, whatever just play them. Got three winning absolute crap hands in a row that didn't play, then kk on BB beat by A7 big stack. Next time around AA cracked by K7 big stack. (flop 77K). I got the gist of it lol. Fold all PP on blind, go all in 48 off. Wouldn't waste one more nickle on there. Oh and I did win 2 out of 3 SNG's if you wonder about my play. Just took 2-3 hours each one. NINE PLAYERS. Oh and the kicker? My first, and last day on site, saw FOUR QUADS. FOUR. I had two of them myself. All on same table in same hour. Next table another two quads. Consistently flop down 333 222 aaa on flop. Just shook my head as deleted software. Dont bother going there.