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This is the worst site of them all. Customer support is rediculous. Takes 3 days to respond. They added hot keys, I didn't know existed till i was chatting and looked up to see my whole stack in the pot. They only require a $15 deposit but $50 to withdraw. thier server sucks, I dont know how many times i was involved in key pot to get disconnected( no all-in protection ). I normally hate all-in protection due to those that abuse it, but it really sucks when its the sites server that consistantly knocks you off!! I gave this site an honest chance but just seemed to be one disaster after another w/ no love from customer support. needless to say i've cashed out and will never be back. P.S. The bad beats are the same everywhere!!! I've been to most well known sites and they happen on all of them. Those of you that say these sites are rigged but are still playing them need to get your heads