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Not sure if its so much as a bad beat as a thats Poker story. 1-3 NL game. I\'m on the SB with AA. Everyone starts folding so I\'m afraid of not getting any action. Finally last guy in front of me raises to $10. I raise to $20 to suck a little more out of him. Well, BB goes all in with $65. I figure he must be on KK or QQ. Since I have AA I didn\'t expect the original raiser to call....he did! So I raise to $150 putting the original raiser all in as well. Now I have two players all in against my AA, I figure I\'m going to clean house on a $300+ pot. Now a crowd has gathered and oohhhs and ahhhs go out as I turn over my bullets. BB turns over expected. Original raiser turns over A 10 diamonds. He hangs his head and the crowd can\'t figure out what he was thinking. Long story short the A 10 hits the flush on the river as KK goes home and I head to the ATM.