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home game

im playing in a home tournament with 7 players. mid way i\'m dealt ace 3 of diamonds, i call the blinds. flop come 10d 10s jd. the blinds are 50-100/ i bet 200 1 person folds another calls the 200 hundred. turn come 6d i have an ace high flush. i check the person bets 400 i re raise all in for an additional 1500 he calls immediately he flopped 10s full of jacks. i was sick another time i wasn\'t in the hand and this is a true story i swear to god on my mom. my cousin is dealt AA in the VERY FIRST HAND OF THE TOURNAMENT!!!. flop come As 3s kd he checks the other person checks. turn is A my cousin checks his 4 As the other person bets 150 my cousin calls. river is 2s my cousin bets 500 person re raises all in my cousin call immediately with for As person throws down 4s5s striaght flush beat his 4 As i was speechless!!! worse beat of all time