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I Was Playing A 4-8 Table Last Night In Milwaukee, Wi... I Was Going To Leave After Getting A Few More Deals After Doubling My Buy-in. I Am Dealt Pocket Aces. I Raise Without Falter And Only One Player Stays With Me Till The End. He Stays In With A 5-8 Suited, And Hits The Flush On The River!! That Was Fine Since Pocket Aces Dont Always Win.. But The Next Deal I Get Ace-ten Suited. The Flop Gets Me Trip Tens!! I Raise Becuase Their Is Really Nothing On The Board To Scare Me.. Another Player Gets A Straight With The River.. The Next Deal (yes, Three In A Row) Gets Me An Ace-king Unsuited. The Flop Yields Me Two Pairs (aces And Kings).. I See Two 2\'s, But This Does Not Scare Me Too Much Since Who Would Stay In With So Many Raises With A Two?? This Girl Beats Me With Trip 2s After Staying In With 2-3 Unsuited!! What A Bad Set Of Beats!!!