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Ok here are some of my experiences, make your own observation. I signed up on may 10th with 125 and made 1300 in 3 days(!) then all of a sudden I lost it all. On the following monday, I think the 10th was a wednesday, I was busted down to 75. The sunday after the 10th, I lost with AA 5 times IN A ROW to underpair all in preflop. I then sat with my whole bankroll on two tables, and in 3 hours was up over 600. Im sorry but that in itself is very uncommon. Anyway i decide Im done for the night I close one table and on another table, one that I had opened for 50 and now had 380, i click stand up and it says you cant while involved in a hand. I get dealt qq. Now, i had been getting dead cards almost an hour straight, and I SWEAR i get better cards if I try to leave my seat, consistenly. So I get QQ in the sb, it gets folded to the button who smooth calls(the players name is The Company no less his avatar is some white guy) and I raise to 8, a HUGE raise, to get him off so i can go to sleep. He smooth calls! The flop 242. I pot it and he smooth calls again, the turn brings a queen, i move all in for all my money and he calls, and shows 27OS. There is not a player in the world who will call that raise with 27os. So i have him drawing to one out in the deck, and he fucking hits it on the river for quads?!?!?! Thats not a bad play, he knew it was coming. I have a mind for patterns, and I'm very good at seeing them, and I kid you not, REPEATEDLY i lose big pots when im ahead, in casino play and homegames if Im the favorite moving all in my win percentage is naturally about 60%, online if I have the best hand I win maybe 10% if that. I REPEATEDLY lose the big pots and get my bankroll drained, only to then get some crazy win streak and make tons in an hour or two. Last saturday I won like 300 in like 20 minutes. ANother hand I flopped a set of jacks, and banged all in, I hit a boat and some guy hit runner runner straight flush. Also very often I get the exact same whole cards on multiple tables at once, i mean the exact same cards the exact same time, it happens very often and I would assume that means the system is purposely giving YOU what it wants or is programmed to, I do NOT think the cards are random at all. Just mo. Oh yeah one more thing, I have witnessed bad beat tables, about 2 days ago i was on a table and about 5 times in a row I saw an underpair hit a set and crack an overpair, I got kk and went up agaisnt AA which in a 6 handed game is pretty uncommon, i flopped a set, i had jacks a shortstack had 88 i raise he bangs all in i call he hits a set, i saw kings crack aces again and 99 beat 1010 and had it. Numbers dont lie and neither do I, if you're 20% then you're 20%, for these underpair to keep winning again and again is against the math of poker.-

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