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So glad I found this thread. I'm actually up 300K play chips at fulltilt. But the deals are so unlikely that i'll probably need to relearn the game. I consistently play rag-rag flush draws and win. I'm almost scared to go all-in on 4 of a kind, which I have seen as my own hand way too many times. An earlier poster was absolutely right, 4-of-a-kind gets beat by a another player's straight flush more than half the time. And I've seen way too many of each. By contrast, I've logged way more hours on a PC poker game and never seen a straight flush come up. Aces get cracked by small pairs far more often than they stand up. I'm not sure people are cheating. This site just encourages players to stay in until the river. Somebody's miracle card will be waiting there.

I'll find another site and start again. Any suggestions? I wouldn't want to put money on the table with the "skills" I've gained at fulltilt.