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I love playing on this site for play chips as a warm up to playing at the real casinos since im a pro player. I have played at about 5 different poker sites and found that they all have about the same degree of improbability. I was playing on this site one night recently and saw 3 quad hands 3 times in a row. to put that into perspective, the odds of that happening are close to impossible (for real table games). basically in order to win consistantly on any online poker site you have to have an adjusted style of play (usually the worst hand going in wins so you have to play every hand with extreme caution) which is why i will probably never put another dime into another online site. the negatives of online play outweigh the positives. negatives are 1)limited time to make decisions 2) limit on what you want to put into the account and withdraw 3)collusion happens all the time 4) you can be disconnected if using a wireless network too frequently costing you money (many times i had the nuts on the flop but was folded due to my connection being lost and that always seemed to happen when i had a definite winning hand) 5) action happens really quick so you will most likely lose full concentration after playing only 20 min basically putting you on tilt unless you have an immense amount of patience and concentration. live table games go much slower so for instance i can play all day until i am extremely tired without losing any focus on my reads or calculations. online poker is something that is currently being looked into for outlawing and i hope that happens so all of you online players can join me at the real games ( online players are so easy to spot at the table and they are the easiest to win against due to that altered play i talked about so please everyone that happens to read this, please play in the real games. i have mouths to feed :P