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Fishy site/ Total Scam/ Beware

Id have to say that I am a very good poker player. I have lived in Vegas for over a year just playing poker to pay the bills and I like to play small stakes online to pass the time once in awhile. I know the odds of hands and know what percent im to win and lose. I wish I found this site before I just deposited $100 dollars because its been nothing but highway robbery. I am just disgusted with AbsolutePoker and how it screws you over every single hand. I deposited my $100 and went to a $1-$2 no limit and had KK and some guy raised to 15 pre- flop but I thought id call just in case an Ace came up on flop. Flop came out K74 with all different suites. I tripped up! You know that feeling you get when you have a money making hand in front of you with no way to get a straight and a rainbow flop. Well he bet 20 and I raised all in he called with absolute nothing 10-6 spades. Turn and river both spaded up losing my hundred dollars first hand! I was in shock and awe thinking how this guy can call all in with absolute nothing.

Next I deposited another $100 thinking it happens thats poker and got into a $30 dollar tourny which I got knocked out in last place some guy raised it up to 150 chips and I just called with my Ace-10 clubs. Flop came out A-4-10 he bet 200 I went all in he called and had Ace-4. We both had 2 pair but I had the better one. First I was thinking who raises it to 150 with A-4 offsuit preflop. Well river came and gave him another 4 for a boat. Thats 5% chance of getting. I should have doubled up. I was hysterical.
Next I got into another tourny and same thing happening. I tripped up 8's on flop he had KK and gave this guy a king on river. I only have like 15 dollars left out of $200 and I was smoked every hand where I was favored at least 90%/10%.
I think the US should go shut these guys down next. Its complete fraud. I typed in AbsolutePoker fraud and got this site. I also was reading about random card generator and AbsolutePoker was on the bottom for dealing random cards. Its tracks 1 million hands and sees the randomness of cards that come up. RoyalVegasPoker was the best in this category so I am going to try over there next or just stick to the casinos here in Vegas.