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You make great points about all online poker sites. I'm with you I hope they outlaw all of them and soon. I've broken about even as far as playing for money goes. But far too many times my all ins have been called on draws and gut shot straights. Even when I've been 87% to win preflop I've lost at least half of those hands. All sites are similiar bad play is rewarded. But this does help live play IMMENSELY! The last three times I've been to the local casino I've raked in the dough. I don't play high stakes (100 dollar buy in no limit table) But I cashed out $660 bucks in about 3 hours. I couldn't believe the amount of fish at the table. Playing cards like Q2 suited and J4. One hand I flopped quads and bet a little after the flop and the turn hoping the 2 callers caught, with an ace of spades on the river on had a flush and one had a str8. I won about $200 in that hand alone lol. Internet poker has definitely helped my cash in live games more than ever. I thank them for that!