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Absolute Robbery

I wish someone had warned me about this site previously. I have just spent the last month playing on this site, and from day one, it was nothing but the most disturbing bad beats imaginable. I have read plenty of complaints and outrages of bad beats from players on the web, and I find a lot of them stupid and ridiculous since all they complain about is a few hands or one session. I understand that it happens from time to time in poker, but what happened to me on Absolute Poker happened over the course of a month on almost a daily basis. I witnessed the most disturbing bad beats, and the worst part was they wouldn't stop for a whole month!
At first I thought maybe I was just on an extremely bad run, having horrendous players constantly beating me after the flop with runner runners, 2, 3, and 4 outters. I understand this happens sometimes, but it would happen to me consistently like 5 times in a row at a single table! Then maybe I would win a small pot, but then I would get another 5 bad beats in a row! And this happened for an entire month! Out of the course of the month, I may have had 1 or 2 normal sessions, but it seemed every time I sat down, the worst players would constantly lay the worst beats on me. And the main problem was it never stopped! About 90 percent of the time I had a dominating hand with the other player almost drawing dead in a pot over 100 and sometimes 200 dollars, I would lose to a runner runner or a 2, 3 and 4 outter. This has cost me several thousands of dollars in potential profit in a single month!
One thing I noticed in particular were the same terrible players consistently laying the bad beats on me. It was as if it were impossible to win a hand no matter how big of a statistical favorite I was against these idiots. This was the most frustrating part. Knowing how much money I should have been making off of these terrible players, yet constantly being outdrawn in ridiculously improbable ways. There were certain players I would see multiple times and sit down with, and I would lose almost every hand to them, no matter how much of a longshot they were.
Today was actually the last day I will ever play on this site, and it was a typical day that I had experienced over the course of the last month. In one hand, I had pocket 4's and called a raise along with 3 other players. The flop comes 4 8 8. After several raises and reraises, I am in this hand alone with this one fish who has already cracked me with my Aces and two pair, hit a gut shot on me, and outdrew me and others in a few other hands. Im thinking this my final chance to get back at him and that there's no way I can be outdrawn this time. After several raises and reraises, the turn and river bring on 4 8 8 Q Q ! Of course he has J 8 and has yet stole another monster 200 dollar pot off me! This guy has just gone on a 500 dollar run mostly at my expense calling raises with absolutely garbage hands! And this was probably the 4th time in a month someone has sat down and gone on a 500 dollar run outdrawing me and others in nearly every hand for an hour. At another table I had another set cracked again to a flush, and then later a straight off the flop beaten by another runner runner full house! And the worst is this wasn't just one session, this was happening on a consistent basis over the course of a month!
To top it off, I was dealt pocket aces again at another table, had one guy check call me the whole way and I ended up making a royal flush on the river! This was a rare time my Aces actually held up to the river! This was actually the first time in my life making a royal flush, whether live or online, and at the same time, the last time I will ever play on Absolute Poker again! That tells you how bad this site is. Usually when you hit a royal flush, you celebrate. But in my situation, it was as if Absolute was giving me a consolation prize for getting bad beated out of thousands of dollars to bad players for an entire month. And just the fact that I had to get a royal flush for my Aces to actually hold up says a lot. How many times have you gotten a royal flush on the river with Aces? Absolute Poker is a really messed up site and has a very dishonest and corrupt program generating the cards dealt to its players. I am almost traumatized by this experienced and regret ever having even heard of this site. It was a tremendous waste of time, money, and emotional energy. I wish someone had warned me about this BS, and that is the only reason I have written about my experience on this site.