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re: missionjack: complain and you pay osprey

Not me missionjack!<BR>
I quit and closed my AP account<BR>
I also messed up in my prior posting, not totally... AP's BlackJack does obey the rules... my prior posting about the way they split aces just reflects how few times I have had to split aces at the real casinos. So my apologies to everyone on that splitting aces aspect of my posting.<BR>
HOWEVER, I also FORGOT to add about AP's SUPPOSED $10K FREEROLLS, they DO provide each account ONE of these 10K freerolls for each account new or established, BUT only ONE, then you have to play real$ games with AP receiving RAKE$ in order to earn 50 points to get ANOTHER freeroll.<BR>
They should call AP BEATSTREET instead, as all you do is get beat up sicne they made some major change in their software.<BR>