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...and I thought they were just impressions!
apart from the usual bad beats (AA loses its statistical power repeteadly on this site) I found much of what is written here absolutely correct and very much applyable to my situation on full tilt poker.
At first I thought I was just reacting as a bad loser to bad beats but then I just got curious and started studying what was going on...and fortunately I got suspicious BEFORE I put my money on the site!
If you play in real tounaments (real people sitting in front of you) just compare what happens on the site to what happens in real life.
i've seen more more quads on the site in one week than in all my life in real poker!
but the best was this:

4 people left in a tournament, 2 are playing the hand:
seat one raises
seat two re-raises
seat one calls

flop is 44J

seat one goes all in
seat two calls

so they show the cards and seat one proudly shows pocket 4s! alright: quads! way to go!
and seat two only has pocket 10s!
now seat one has 99.90% of winning and seat two has 0.10%! bye bye seat two!

but not so fast...turn card: a 10!
but hey, not that bad, seat still have 97.73% chance of winning so relax!
unless the river card is...
(you can guess it..)
with a 2.27% of being there: another 10!

wow: that was unreal. but it's not over yet...
NEXT HAND (3 players left) goes as follows:

ME: QQ, I raise..bad move, the guy on seat two calls, seat three folds.
flop is Q 10 8

no problem for me: I go all in! worst move ever.

seat two shows: J 3 (how can you call a raise with that?)
well, turns out to be the best call ever since, despite my 95% percent of winning,

turn card is a nice ace,
river card is a nice K.

ok..straight. happens, (not too often but it happens)
bye bye to me.

THE VERY NEXT HAND: 2 players left

seat two: A J
seat three: Q K

flop is: K A Q

everybody all in.

now, who would YOU bet your money on hitting a FULL HOUSE?
if your answer was seat three, well I don't know how to tell you this lost everything.

turn: J
river: A

end of the tourney. seat two wins.
and the things written on the previous posts about the "hot seat" start to make sense to me.

As Ah losing PREFLOP to 5c 5s
with a board with four clubs sitting there. science fiction? nope: I learned it can happen. On full tilt poker.

KK vs 99?
be sure a nine is coming out. OFTEN.
On full tilt poker.

(or go see for youself...)