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This is from the FTP forums about it being rigged it's not so many bad players in USA
"I've said this a 100 times and maybe more to people Full tilt offers action in live poker the % of hitting a pair is %16 on the flop in FTP the chance is almost doubled maybe 3x that the site provides action that can lead 2 two things, Shakey Players and Gimps being busted.

I've tilted so bad so many times because of the players on this site and yet another pay cheque down the drain.

If Online poker is a clue to do something with your life it better be writing the software to realise there's 52 cards not 100.

Almost an ace always hits the board in every headsup situation and AK vs AJ - K 10 Q will always hit it's happened to me about a 1000 times and im furious ive given up on poker and players like jamie gold make me glad that he beat all the so "called" pros its a crap game that is all luck based.

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