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I agree with most comments here. There are way too many flush and straights on the board.. And it seems that someone always has part of it.

For example I have just finished a $10 SnG where I was by far chip leader and called an all-in bet with A,Q and they flopped a straight. Not the first time either, it seems like dominated hnds always have some kind of get out clause.

The thing is I dont find other sites much better. Granted, they dont give out as many straights and flushes, but the best hnd never seems to hold up. On party poker over the space of 6 months, calcalated my pre-flop odds, and how much I won.. and it worked out that I should have won 58% but I actually only won 48%. Thats bout $500 difference at the level I play.

And on titan poker I was often 90-95% and end up losing. Example $11 buy in 250 players, I was in fourth position and second in chips. I went up against the chip leader - I had 8,8 and called a 3* BB raise. Flop comes K,4,8. He went ll in and I called. He turned over 10,10 so I am 92% favourite and he hit a ten mircle on the river.

So althoguth I think absolute is rigged others re just as bad in different ways. I have learned to adapt on absolute, with increased flush/ stright possibilities, however it woul impossible forme to do the sme on titan or party.

And now on absolute I am a winning player.

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