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Originally Posted by lloydy84 View Post
Well I'm not here to grumble about any loses, but I saw these comments, went away and relly had a good look at what I was seeing on these tables.

I didnt like what I saw. A couple of things I'd like to point out. First of all I didn't lose much money so this is not a bad beat story I cashed out once I realised there was actually somethign strange going on.

I was playing a $40 sit n go and got chatting to some guy who had suffered a lousy bad beat. I mean it was runner, runner bad beat. This guy was 95% ahead on the flop and so obviously he wasnt happy and acused absolute poker of being cheats, as he suffered these bets all day and had lost over $200. I said I agreed that the worst hand wins far too often and others thought the same. Next thing I know I am off the table completely and couldnt return. Though I could play on cash tables.. For the next day or so I didn't recieve one single decent hand. In fact the best hand I got all day with J,Qs. I decided to clear my poker tracker and play for another few days to see what happened. Long and behold out of the 479 hands I was dealt, there wasnt A,A or K,K or Q,Q or J,J or even A,K to be seen. In fact the best hand I got was A,Q which I was dealt twice. The first time I missed completely and folded to a bet with a king on the board, the next I hit a full house and split the pot with another A,Q. I also got tens and hit my full house, to lose out to a bigger full house.

I looked at poker tracker however to see that I was dealt Q,6 seven times, Q,7 also seven times, but mostly 6,3 and 4,2 which I had eight times. Compare that to my two A,Q's and other prmium hands.

In fact I played 7 tournaments and didnt cash once, I just didnt have the cards. Whereas I average better than 1 cash in 3 games normally. The last tournament I bluffed my way to the bubble, and was dealt a pair of 7's. The flop came 2,2,4 and I pushed hopin for a call from A-x which I got, A-3 called. But what did the turn and river bring 3,3. I must admit I just laughed and then cashed out. Not only did I get barely any cards, but when I did play (I saw 14% of flops) I was ahead 56% and won... yes 23%.
Wow same thing just happened to me! I ran my mouth about AP being rigged etc etc at the cash table and the last 5 tourny's I played in I hardly got cards or got beat when I was 80%+ in the hand! They must have a filter that kicks up when you write stuff about them in their chat lol