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Top 10

Here is a page from Phil Hellmuth Jr., Highly reguarded as the best tournament poker player in the world, and My personal favorite.

When you Break Hold\'em down into a basic element, what is good to play often comes into question. For those of you just starting out, here is a list of the top 10 Starting hands in hold\'em:
1. A-A
2. K-K
3. Q-Q
4. A-K
5. J-J
6. 10-10
7. 9-9
8. 8-8
9. A-Q
10. 7-7

When I want to play \'tight\' and just sit at a table and waite for the chips to come to me, I stick to the list. Of course you have to have the skills to know how to bet these \'monster\' hands so as to keep the \'river rafters\' out of your pot, but not to aggressive so you don\'t get any action.