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Sammy the Brick
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When I read Super System this guy just jumped at me and I've been a fan ever since. The mand is awesome, and like Hellmuth, Lederer, and many other top players he's one of the more unlucky players, while luck based guys like Hansen take the glory he lies in wait. To be that successful and that unlucky at the same time goes to show how great these players are. I'm an unlucky player who has done the well despite the unlucky draw outs I've been part of. Also though I know he's not reading this, I'd like to thank the man for making me a bad ass at the stud tables.On a final note it's sad to see people flood the Hansen, Antonio Asfandiari, and the other boards for guys who can't hold a candle to this guy and guys like Brunson and Reese, sad where poker has gone, just a bunch of young dicks talking about the lucky hot shot that plays like shit, but they love it. I'm only 23 and I know who's the man in poker and CHip is.