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I met Mark Seif last night at the WSOP at the Horseshoe. He seemed like a real nice guy he was talking to a couple of people downstairs in the area where they hold the 1 table satellites. I was playing at a table right next to where he was standing. Then something funny as hell happened. There was this drunk guy that kept bothering him and saying things like "oh I've seen you on TV" and "you should have played better and not let that oriental guy put you on tilt man" etc etc. Mark kind of laughed it off at first but you could just see Mark starting to get irritated after a while. After about 5 minutes of this guy talking loudly and kind of leaning real close to Mark and putting his arm on his shoulder Mark said something like he had to go somewhere. The guy then grabs Mark's arm as Mark was starting to walk away. Mark turned around and said something like what F**k are you doing and shot him that deadly killer I'm going to kill you look! It made the guy just about piss his pants! It was hilarious the guy said he was sorry and just stood there for a full minute in total shock kind of swaying back and forth then he just quietly walked away. It was priceless.