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Heather Nicole
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Who gives a crap who IT is. Man I thought this was Antonio's site. I quess i should have one too. I really should not be awnsering stupid questions from ignorant people. But hey might might as well up to date you. IF you know a good doctor have him explain to all of us how my lips are stuck to his asz and how i can be on his nutz too. FMI I seriously dont know how you got that. I know a good neurologist and phycologist that could help you hunny. I know what poker is and I do know other words besides sexy but thats all he is.(Ive had a persian they take care of thereselves im attracted to his style.) I think your jealous. I have never met him PROBABLY wont either. and? (Let me tell ya if i met Antonio hed be taken if he isnt already, I got that much confidence.) Im not always a biotch. Im not money hungry. I really dont see how you got that one. I work hard hunny, if that says anything.(I support two kids on my very own) Im not trash if that means anything. Im a very clean person I wish you could say that about your mouth. Please quit taking my prescious space now. email me [email][/email]