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I am new here, but not new to Texas Hold'em. Below, you will see my Amazon review of Poker Academy. It is only for serious players who really want to take their game to the next level. When I decided to take up Texas Hold'em, I was serious, so I didn't even question the $129.95 that the Pro Version sold for at the time. I had never played poker at a live table in my life. But PAPro taught me the game and got me to the place of playing live in casinos. My first tournament was at the Rio and out of 100 players, I finished 25th. I have never not finished in the money since that time.

Don't poo-poo what you haven't tried. Poker Academy works, period. Also, notice the other reviews on Amazon and they are all 5 stars. These are folks I played against online when I was learning the game.

"TJ" Tjomsland :)

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By Richard C. Johnson "Tjomsland" (San Diego, CA USA) -
I bought this Professional version on July 31, 2005. This is way more than a Texas Hold'em game, this is an Artificial Intelligence software program that becomes more difficult to play the "bots" as they will adjust to your play. I had never played this game before in my life but wanted to get the best tutorial information available and paying for the Professional version seemed a small price to pay when all of my research had determined there is nothing like this product on the market.

I played thousands of games against the bots and then moved to the online site for the Poker Academy where players like myself using the same software play together. I progressed from Level 1, to Level 2 to Level 3. I consider this getting a Doctorate in Poker. It has supplied me with the education I needed to proceed on to playing for money which I have recently started doing online and actually am winning at.

If you care about improving your gaming, this is a must. More statistics, advise, graphs, etc. are available than you can imagine. You even have a complete history of every hand that you play with the Poker Academy, so you can review and even replay them and plug holes in your game.

And, the "support" from this group of professionals is beyond any you have ever seen. There is so much more, but find our for yourself. Good luck and good cards.