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Old 02-14-17, 04:30 AM
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Why did you start playing?

Hello once again For quite a long time I've been interested in gambling and looked for some blogs to read but didn't dare to start playing myself. Then once my cousin won a good deal of money I thought "Why not?" I played various online games and it took time before I won for the first time, but I won! I can't say that I play a lot, but from time to time I do. Frankly speaking, I'm bad at poker, but I really want to learn to play it. And I'm also interested in writing about gambling. Yes, I'm a bit on the other side, but still in gambling.
Old 02-14-17, 09:28 PM
tiltrising tiltrising is offline
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I started playing because it's a complex and ambiguous game that combines psychology, strategy, and luck. It's also one of few "gambles" that don't involve an edge for the house other than the rake. That, I used to love watching Scotty Nguyen on TV when I was younger. "You call and it's all over baby!"

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