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Old 03-30-10, 05:51 AM
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Good Slots

Has anybody had their accounts locked due to winning too much on slots at an online casino? This recently happened to me at a newer RTG casino. I made three separate deposits with them all in excess of $400. I didn't take any bonuses and played their Real series slots. Avg bet size was $4-5 per spin. Over multiple sessions I won including a random jackpot hit. This casino did pay winnings weekly, but recently i received information from them that they disabled account because "I was too good for them". I don't know how anybody can be too good in slots, just lucky. They even said the software confirmed that i was just lucky. I think this casino has cashflow problems and that's why they did this. what constitutes "winning too much" because i know they would never lock me out for losing too much. Just wanted some opinions of this.

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Old 03-30-10, 09:01 AM
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That's weird. All i can say, they don't want to give you your winnings. Or they don't have enough funds to pay their players. Maybe that site is in bankcruptcy or just a scam
Old 06-24-10, 03:19 AM
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Well i guess that site is a rogue. They are illegal, did you contact them regarding this matter? for how long? I guess you have to change your online slots site you can visit any online casino portal, thy list all legal and safe online casinos and slots sites.
Old 08-21-10, 09:25 PM
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Obviously, that's a weird situation considering it was slots, and not a skill game - as well as the fact that they admitted it was luck.

I have heard stories where casinos have been known to ask players (non-advantage players) who were "too good" to stop playing. It's possible though that even though they knew you weren't cheating that they were uncomfortable not knowing how long they would be losing money for. Even though it doesn't make sense from a probabilistic standpoint, it's possible that they had a low risk tolerance and panicked - kind of like when long-term investors get out of the market after a fall even though they know the probabilities are in their favor to stay in.

Or it's possible they thought you were cheating but didn't have proof so they couldn't accuse you outright. And they didn't have to worry about bad PR if you wrote up a big blog post about being accused of cheating when you weren't.

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