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GAMBLING - Craps Tutorial

Craps Tutorial

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Dice have patterns

I have spent years rolling the dice and I have noticed that certain numbers follow others. Let me prove it to you. Roll the dice until you roll a 10. Then just like magic you will roll a 7. This does not happen every time but it does happen enough that I noticed.

If you study the 36 ways to roll dice numbers and the numbers on each die closely then you can put VALID logic behind patterns. (I have written a book that I will not promote here)...but if you know the odds and study the numbers as they are rolled then you can have a real advantage.
Last week I was at SamsTown in Shreveport and the dice read 1 & 2 (3) and I said (for the next roll) "a dollar on the fifty two hopping (5&2) for the dealers" and as soon as the words were out of my mouth a 5 and 2 were rolled and the dealer said "7 out...dealerrrrssss arrreee $16 and down" He said with amazement.
Physic???? No, just a smart player.
Good luck everybody!!

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