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Old 07-05-05, 06:00 PM
Lil Pal
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The good thing is there is alot of games being offered, especially the free rolls, but the software really bogged down my system and at times froze up and I was unable to make any moves. I currently have Pokerstars and UB installed and I am not having any problems with their programs.
Old 07-05-05, 06:00 PM
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I love Absolute. I play on Party a bit and used to play on Pacific. I have to say, it's a great casino. I hear a lot of bad beat stories; sorry guys, that's poker. Learn how to play and accept math, or go throw money in some slots on River Belle. Just because you lost money doesn't mean the casino is crooked. Great interface, easy to use, great tournament selection. I like the personalized icons. Reputable and growing fast. Great support. Small enough to where you recognize some players, big enough to always have a great selection.
Old 07-24-05, 06:00 PM
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I believe we can safely say that most all these sites are rigged in one manner of speaking or another. The unusually high number of flushes on the flop, quads, and straights lead me to think that their "shuffling programs" leave a lot to be desired. In my experience, you just don't see 4 or 5 full houses in the span of a couple of hours. Let's not forget the house take for each hand. If you figure the house take at fifty cents a hand and you play one hundred hands over the course of an evening, the house gets fifty dollars. That adds up to a lot of cash in a hurry, especially for people playing .50/$1 tables. My advice: get together with friends and play REAL poker.
Old 07-30-05, 06:00 PM
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what more can i say? the people who run this site are getting away with fraud. there is no if's or buts, absolute is rigged. several top poker pro's wore tshirts at this years wsop main event with there own views on the site, not good thoughts either, do yourself and everyone else a favour, stear well clear of these crooks, dont line there pockets anymore.
Old 07-30-05, 06:00 PM
its ok
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It is ok. every online poker has their system crooked. Learn to live with it. players all have turns, just wait for your chance.
Old 07-31-05, 06:00 PM
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Absolutely unbelievable, worst beats I've ever seen and the worst players. Everyone plays crap and flops straights and the river. OMG THE RIVER ON THIS SITE IS SOOOOOO BAD SO RIGGED
Old 08-09-05, 06:00 PM
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This site is def. 100% rigged. Ive never seen such strange cards dealt and have seen so many rivers drop in when they were at best 15 percent to win the hand. I no longer play here for real money as it isnt playing poker its like playing the lotto. They have plenty of freerolls which is now the only thing I would ever play on the site. These are just some of the strange things what ive seen happening. #Pocket pair dealt to 4+ players - all in step ups , pairs 10 to pair ks #Numerous river cards dealt it when they are at best 15 percent to drop in (they drop in a hell of alot more) Large preflop raises seem to affect odds hitting on flop. Seen loads of crazy raises against say AK and then they always seem to hit board more regular than they should. Had following hands dealt to me in row AA,KK,AK suited, AK unsuited,AA that is crazy 5 hands in a row!! and guess what the AK suited and KK lost to 3-7 both times! and the other hands if I hadnt bet large and heavy the board seemed to try to deal in the str8 and or flush most times. Basically the software seems to be rigged to keep as many ppl in the play and to encourage them into the pot by dealing a good flop to E1 who stays in. Dont know if this will work but link is a hand i KNEW i was going to lose before i even played it, im the one with pocket Qs, betted hard preflop and went all in after flop. 8 dropped in on the river.
Old 08-11-05, 06:00 PM
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Dealing system is terrible. I've been playing here for about 9 months now. You might as well go all in every hand because pocket pairs mean nothing here. The best hand pre flop or on the flop usually loses. I have seen 72 offsuit win so many times over pocket A's or many other top pairs. Stay away you'll end up getting more angry and their tech support is horrible. All they send is an computer generated message for anything you might have a problem with. I've won my share so take it from someone that hasn't invested a penny. STAY AWAY it'll make you more angry than anything.
Old 09-17-05, 06:00 PM
Chris Popovich.
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Its quite overrated... far too many bad beats... you're better off going all in with 7 4 off-suit than with pocket kings.
Old 09-26-05, 06:00 PM
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the only people that can win on it are stupid people that play everyhand and stay on stupid shit. you will lose the on good hands to someone that stayed on something stupid.
Old 10-13-05, 04:50 PM
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Absolute poker should be called Absolute river. What a BS site. They pick the winners. They let you win a Dollar or two in their freerolls. Then you play for real money and do worse than a 2000 entry free roll. WTF is that crap. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Old 10-19-05, 02:29 AM
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Absolute "NOT" Poker

I played at Absolute Poker and it's rigged! The cards just don't normally fall the way that they do at Absolute. I played at the Bodog Poker site and it seemed to be OK. I have played for many years and Absolute Poker is to be AVOIDED, among many other crooked so called poker web sites. You must remember, all poker web sites that offer real money play CAN NOT be operated from within the borders of the USA so that should tell you something (and that something should be that online poker sites that offer real money play are not monitored nor regulated by anyone with any integrity whatsoever! Most of the sites are operated from Costa Rica and if you have been there, you'll know what I mean by lawlessness being generally and/or widely accepted practice. Many other sites are run from Canada and we all know that Canada accepts terrorist groups and other outlaws as bona-fide citizens to come live in their cold country. The only gambling web sites that may have some integrity are, perhaps, operated from England, but they will not allow American citizens to gamble at their web sites if those American citizens are connecting with a computer from within the borders of the USA. So be careful, brothers and sisters, and don't take these online poker web sites seriously...and for God's sake, DON'T SEND THEM ANY MONEY!!!
Have a nice day.
Old 12-14-05, 06:50 PM
XADNX XADNX is offline
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I never thought I would be one of those people going to a website and complaining about Absolute Poker. First of all, let me start out by saying I am not an "inexperienced" player or a sore looser. I have been playing poker in casino's for a few years now. Playing online gave me the benefit of not having to drive 50 miles to the nearest casino and wait for 3-4 hours to get a table. I read all the negative reviews and decided to give AP the benefit of the doubt as I had played there for play money for a few months before deciding to play for real money. I made my 1st(and only deposit), a week ago and I could not beleive the number of horrendous bad beats I took, in EVERY game(side games, tourneys, sit and go's)playing 8-10 hours a day... I started noticing a trend where MONSTER pre flop hands, and hands that hit on the flop would loose 90% of the time on the river to a junk hand... I saw miraculous straights and flushes ALL on the river against trips and top 2 pair... in sit and go's, I would normally get hands like KK, AA, AK, AQ, and someone bets VERY aggressive pre flop, I call, and this person with a junk hand (7-2,8-4) hits on the flop and most of the time hit trips on the river... the same person betting aggressively won EVERY SINGLE POT they raised pre flop with... I never really hit anything on the flop with monster hands... I logged 50 hands in a row, and out of the 50, 42 of them I lost to the miracle river card each and every single time... it got to the point that i just threw away my KK's and AA's because they would get cracked every time... I experienced far too many miracle beats... the board CONSTANTLY pairs up and gives many straight and flush draws... raises affects the odds of hitting your straight/flush... at times I swear it feels like if the person raising KNOWS they will win no matter what hand they get... I feel that it is too much of a coincidence that great cards get cracked every time, and I find it odd that I see a lot of the same flops back to back... I hate to say it, but in all honesty I feel this site is 110% rigged and some of the "bad" players winning are employed by AP and know what cards are going to fall. Flops like in AP are very unrealistic... if you are thinking about signing up, it is your choice... I wish I had stayed away from AP and beleived everyone's reviews... STAY AWAY, or you will loose all your $$$... it is not worth the headache and the back to back bad beats...
Old 02-12-06, 04:05 AM
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Starting around 2-1-06 this site went nuts. It had been
a great place to play, no longer. I don't know if it's been
hacked or rigged or whatever but it sure doesn't play
like it used to. I played on this site almost daily for
about 9 months. Then a few weeks ago the craziness
started. It's almost pointless to play there now. It's
like you're not even playing poker but some other crazy
childrens game.
Old 02-16-06, 04:46 PM
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Rigged. If you win about $50 on their freerolls I think they set it so you can't win anymore. Improbable turn
and river cards, underdogs always win. Makes it hard
to outplay people. Good players aren't rewarded. Poor
players are. Not real poker.
Old 02-22-06, 05:01 PM
CommonSense CommonSense is offline
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This used to be a good place to play but no more. It just
doesn't seem to be realistic anymore. Underdogs make their
draws way too often. There's little sense in betting before the river. There's no such thing as being a 93-7
percent favorite. You'll only win about 60 percent of the
time. Too bad, used to be good.
Old 02-23-06, 10:01 AM
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Interesting comments. I have to say that I started on Absolute Poker and found it a great site. I did well and was a continuos winner. Then about 6 months ago, something happened. Now you could say I hit a cold deck or just kept getting unlucky but this was too much. I was losing on bad beats day after day. I have not made a deposit since and refuse to play there. I now play at other sites, and although I receive bad beats, it occurs at a far less rate. Its funny because I still have quite a few ARP points so i play in the big freerolls sometimes. Last two I played in. First hand I was dealt KK and lost to an under pair, and the other one I had KK and lost to j10. Just seems to fishy for me.
Old 02-24-06, 11:57 AM
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I understand your comments, however I was trying to highlight one site, Absolute Poker. I found comfort in other people thinking the site may be rigged, because like them, I felt some strange things happened there. I understand, having been playing online for a few years now, that bad runs happen. However I think there is more than that to the AbsolutePoker site.
Old 08-04-06, 10:21 AM
crankitup crankitup is offline
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learn before u speak

to that idiot who says canadians let any one in there cold country" last time i checked it was called immigration and i think the usa has that also has that. and its called seasons yes we have summer and winter just like u, ignorant people , royal vegas is a canadian run site and very respected, and for the person who doesnst like the table on absolute, looks like a poker table to me get your pc monitor fixed or get glasses sheesh,at least our country isnt banning online poker like washington and soon to be most of your states. i dont like the paired flops on absolute but other than that its ok
Old 08-30-06, 07:13 PM
meathead meathead is offline
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Fishy site/ Total Scam/ Beware

Id have to say that I am a very good poker player. I have lived in Vegas for over a year just playing poker to pay the bills and I like to play small stakes online to pass the time once in awhile. I know the odds of hands and know what percent im to win and lose. I wish I found this site before I just deposited $100 dollars because its been nothing but highway robbery. I am just disgusted with AbsolutePoker and how it screws you over every single hand. I deposited my $100 and went to a $1-$2 no limit and had KK and some guy raised to 15 pre- flop but I thought id call just in case an Ace came up on flop. Flop came out K74 with all different suites. I tripped up! You know that feeling you get when you have a money making hand in front of you with no way to get a straight and a rainbow flop. Well he bet 20 and I raised all in he called with absolute nothing 10-6 spades. Turn and river both spaded up losing my hundred dollars first hand! I was in shock and awe thinking how this guy can call all in with absolute nothing.

Next I deposited another $100 thinking it happens thats poker and got into a $30 dollar tourny which I got knocked out in last place some guy raised it up to 150 chips and I just called with my Ace-10 clubs. Flop came out A-4-10 he bet 200 I went all in he called and had Ace-4. We both had 2 pair but I had the better one. First I was thinking who raises it to 150 with A-4 offsuit preflop. Well river came and gave him another 4 for a boat. Thats 5% chance of getting. I should have doubled up. I was hysterical.
Next I got into another tourny and same thing happening. I tripped up 8's on flop he had KK and gave this guy a king on river. I only have like 15 dollars left out of $200 and I was smoked every hand where I was favored at least 90%/10%.
I think the US should go shut these guys down next. Its complete fraud. I typed in AbsolutePoker fraud and got this site. I also was reading about random card generator and AbsolutePoker was on the bottom for dealing random cards. Its tracks 1 million hands and sees the randomness of cards that come up. RoyalVegasPoker was the best in this category so I am going to try over there next or just stick to the casinos here in Vegas.
Old 08-30-06, 07:19 PM
meathead meathead is offline
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I also wanted to say

how the site kicks you off. Sometimes you get disconnected and I know its not my connection. You get disconnected and you will have money in a pot and it will disconnect you and take that money during a hand. But I will say I had a friend who withdrew his money after a bunch of bad beats and he got a check in 5 days. You are better off putting your money up your nose though than to play on this crooked site. There is no way you can lose so many hands in a row when favored 95%. Thats all.
Old 08-31-06, 03:03 PM
bad_dog76 bad_dog76 is offline
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Most online poker sites are like that. The more traffic a site has, the worse the players and beats are. You'll see more action flops online in 10 minutes than you would at a live game in and hour. It's all for the rake. If you think Absolute is bad, try Pokerstars or Partypoker lol.
Old 10-24-06, 05:39 AM
osprey osprey is offline
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Thumbs down Tried and no longer! :mad: Now once again looking for quality and likely playing!!!

I used to be a regular on AbsolutePoker, both play/fake$ and real... BUT!!!

Between 6 to 9 months ago something changed. I used to win a respectible and realistic number of hands, enough so that I had over $3M Fake$/play$, and had one a fair amount over my expenses... just like I did in any land based casino. BUT!!!

I made a complaint about the same time, about some idiocy that the cards were consistantly behaving at odds to game theory.

and walla, I started hemoragging! I went from more than $3M fake$ down to $50k fake in less than a month, against some really incredible and unlikely hands... for instance...
I had a pocket pair of eights, I got another 8 out of the river and another out of the flop. My oppisition ended up having a pair of 9's, he got a nine out of the flop and a nine out of the turn... you got it, I lost with four 8's to his four 9's!!!

Pocket-pairs have become a joke on AP. In real casino's or private games PP's containing 10's or higher win the majority of the time, but not at AP! At AP PP's will lose out more often than not.

Then there is their joke of a blackjack effort, talk about needing a total re-write. One of us gets a 12 or 13 hand and we will invariably get a 10 or face card, while the dealer will invariably NOT get a 10 or face card when the dealer gets 12 or 13... can you say SCREWED UP! It took me to the bank in real $ before I figured out that one!
Then there is the fact that when you split aces it treats splitting aces as if your are doubling down and you get only a second card for each ace (I lost $100 in two $50 on the split), each ace was dealt a card under 5 and no option to take additional cards!!!)!

I actually enjoyed playing there, but becoming a living ATM for AbsolutePoker to siphon from is just not worth it... not with fake$/play$ and DEFINATELY NOT WITH REAL$!

I have stopped playing at AP, but I did do dumps of my last hands and counted them up, out of 473 hands I only won 5.7 percent of them. Pretty crappy odds!
And AP did not USED to be like this.

So it's back to only playing at the native casino's and once in a while to vegas.

I will look around online, but sadly, few online casino's provide free play to get a feel for the play quality and an idea on if the cards being dealt online are actually obeying game theory or favoring the house with absurd card dealings.

(small note! I actually enjoy playing regularly with fake$, its a good way to practice for the real$)
Old 11-22-06, 03:35 AM
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Absolute Robbery

I wish someone had warned me about this site previously. I have just spent the last month playing on this site, and from day one, it was nothing but the most disturbing bad beats imaginable. I have read plenty of complaints and outrages of bad beats from players on the web, and I find a lot of them stupid and ridiculous since all they complain about is a few hands or one session. I understand that it happens from time to time in poker, but what happened to me on Absolute Poker happened over the course of a month on almost a daily basis. I witnessed the most disturbing bad beats, and the worst part was they wouldn't stop for a whole month!
At first I thought maybe I was just on an extremely bad run, having horrendous players constantly beating me after the flop with runner runners, 2, 3, and 4 outters. I understand this happens sometimes, but it would happen to me consistently like 5 times in a row at a single table! Then maybe I would win a small pot, but then I would get another 5 bad beats in a row! And this happened for an entire month! Out of the course of the month, I may have had 1 or 2 normal sessions, but it seemed every time I sat down, the worst players would constantly lay the worst beats on me. And the main problem was it never stopped! About 90 percent of the time I had a dominating hand with the other player almost drawing dead in a pot over 100 and sometimes 200 dollars, I would lose to a runner runner or a 2, 3 and 4 outter. This has cost me several thousands of dollars in potential profit in a single month!
One thing I noticed in particular were the same terrible players consistently laying the bad beats on me. It was as if it were impossible to win a hand no matter how big of a statistical favorite I was against these idiots. This was the most frustrating part. Knowing how much money I should have been making off of these terrible players, yet constantly being outdrawn in ridiculously improbable ways. There were certain players I would see multiple times and sit down with, and I would lose almost every hand to them, no matter how much of a longshot they were.
Today was actually the last day I will ever play on this site, and it was a typical day that I had experienced over the course of the last month. In one hand, I had pocket 4's and called a raise along with 3 other players. The flop comes 4 8 8. After several raises and reraises, I am in this hand alone with this one fish who has already cracked me with my Aces and two pair, hit a gut shot on me, and outdrew me and others in a few other hands. Im thinking this my final chance to get back at him and that there's no way I can be outdrawn this time. After several raises and reraises, the turn and river bring on 4 8 8 Q Q ! Of course he has J 8 and has yet stole another monster 200 dollar pot off me! This guy has just gone on a 500 dollar run mostly at my expense calling raises with absolutely garbage hands! And this was probably the 4th time in a month someone has sat down and gone on a 500 dollar run outdrawing me and others in nearly every hand for an hour. At another table I had another set cracked again to a flush, and then later a straight off the flop beaten by another runner runner full house! And the worst is this wasn't just one session, this was happening on a consistent basis over the course of a month!
To top it off, I was dealt pocket aces again at another table, had one guy check call me the whole way and I ended up making a royal flush on the river! This was a rare time my Aces actually held up to the river! This was actually the first time in my life making a royal flush, whether live or online, and at the same time, the last time I will ever play on Absolute Poker again! That tells you how bad this site is. Usually when you hit a royal flush, you celebrate. But in my situation, it was as if Absolute was giving me a consolation prize for getting bad beated out of thousands of dollars to bad players for an entire month. And just the fact that I had to get a royal flush for my Aces to actually hold up says a lot. How many times have you gotten a royal flush on the river with Aces? Absolute Poker is a really messed up site and has a very dishonest and corrupt program generating the cards dealt to its players. I am almost traumatized by this experienced and regret ever having even heard of this site. It was a tremendous waste of time, money, and emotional energy. I wish someone had warned me about this BS, and that is the only reason I have written about my experience on this site.
Old 12-20-06, 08:24 AM
bad_dog76 bad_dog76 is offline
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This site is GARBAGE!

Although I only played a few freerolls here I can tell you I'd NEVER play for money at this site. Besides the awful players (They exist at EVERY online poker site) this site deals almost the same exact cards to you and 90% of the flops are, flops like, JKQ all clubs or AA4. Every single flop has str8 of flush draw implications.

Playing my last freeroll this morning my first 16 hands were as follows. 29, 27, 28, 23, 34, 56, 38, 28, 28, 29, 35, 35, 46, 28, 23, 36. Then the next 7 were J2, J2, Q2, K2, K2, 102, J3. I was knocked out of the tourney on my 24th hand with Q8 (the best hand I saw all tourney lol).

Now I understand cards can be streaky at times but what are the odds that 21 out of 24 hands (87.5%) would contain a 2 or a 3?

It's fun to play those hands sometimes and try to bluff once in a while but when 87.5% of your hands contain a 2 or a 3 it's almost impossible to do anything.

Advice, stay clear of this site. Not to mention, I started playing here because of the TV commercials that talk about the 10K freeroll entries. No such thing! You have to pay 50 points to enter those touney's. Of course in order to get any points you have to pay real money pots and make sure the dealer takes a rake. Not only is that television ad misleading it's false advertisement.

Old 01-02-07, 09:11 PM
tat2edcaliguy tat2edcaliguy is offline
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Site is Rediculous

I have seen the craziest crap on this site odds of them hitting are rediculous! The biggest example that I couldnt believe went like this in a heads up tournament.
tage #593394224 Tourney ID 53398 Holdem Single Tournament No Limit $30 - 2007-01-02 21:48:11 (ET)
Table: 10833042 (Real Money) Seat #4 is the dealer
Seat 4 - ONEGOODSHOT ($1800 in chips)
Seat 6 - RISKYTC ($1200 in chips)
ONEGOODSHOT - Posts small blind $15
RISKYTC - Posts big blind $30
Dealt to ONEGOODSHOT [As Js]
ONEGOODSHOT - Raises $105 to $120
RISKYTC - Raises $210 to $240
ONEGOODSHOT - Calls $120
*** FLOP *** [10h Qd Kh]
RISKYTC - Bets $210
ONEGOODSHOT - All-In(Raise) $1560 to $1560
RISKYTC - All-In $750
ONEGOODSHOT - returned ($600) : not called
*** TURN *** [10h Qd Kh] [Kc]
*** RIVER *** [10h Qd Kh Kc] [Qh]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
ONEGOODSHOT - Shows [As Js] (Straight, ten to ace)
RISKYTC - Shows [Ah Jh] (Royal flush)
RISKYTC Collects $2400 from main pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total Pot($2400)
Board [10h Qd Kh Kc Qh]
Seat 4: ONEGOODSHOT (dealer) (small blind) HI:lost with Straight, ten to ace [As Js - P:As,B:Kh,B:Qh,P:Js,B:10h]
Seat 6: RISKYTC (big blind) won Total ($2400) All-In HI$2400) with Royal flush [Ah Jh - P:Ah,B:Kh,B:Qh,P:Jh,B:10h]
We Both flop the nuts heads up and he hits a royal flush this is just one example of the kind of stuff that happens on this site. JUST ONE!!! Stay away from this site!!
Old 02-08-07, 12:03 PM
missionjack missionjack is offline
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complain and you pay osprey

Anytime you complain about a site you are whammied. I am interested in hearing from others. I complained that the service was bad at absolute and talked to a few of their props at the tables about it and was punished. The game can and will be manipulated. The problem is that it is all sites that do this not just a few. I have a group that compares online sites and its all the same. If you are a person that withdrawls money you will be punished. If you complain you will be punished period.
Old 02-08-07, 01:24 PM
soil67 soil67 is offline
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AP Odds?

I have the worst luck with absolute poker. I swear absolute poker gets its users to push for the pot so they can make a bigger rake. I was sitting at a table playing .10/.25, and wouldn't you know it I finally get a decent pair of QQ after throwing out crappy cards for the last ten hands. Someone raises, I go all in. Low and behold he had KK. Only four people at this table and I get beat by KK? Happens all the time. Another table at only had 3 people on it. I hit 33(did not play), someone had 22, and another person had 99. All three of us had pocket pairs, what is that? Call it luck, call it random call it whatever you will. But from looking at hand after hand after hand, it is nothing but a business strategy to push the player to go after the pot so absolute poker can gain a better rake. Another table of 6 players, i have a6, i called a small raise. Board turns out to be qq610A, wouldn't you know it he had AQ.
Old 03-02-07, 01:21 AM
osprey osprey is offline
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re: missionjack: complain and you pay osprey

Not me missionjack!<BR>
I quit and closed my AP account<BR>
I also messed up in my prior posting, not totally... AP's BlackJack does obey the rules... my prior posting about the way they split aces just reflects how few times I have had to split aces at the real casinos. So my apologies to everyone on that splitting aces aspect of my posting.<BR>
HOWEVER, I also FORGOT to add about AP's SUPPOSED $10K FREEROLLS, they DO provide each account ONE of these 10K freerolls for each account new or established, BUT only ONE, then you have to play real$ games with AP receiving RAKE$ in order to earn 50 points to get ANOTHER freeroll.<BR>
They should call AP BEATSTREET instead, as all you do is get beat up sicne they made some major change in their software.<BR>
Old 03-23-07, 09:15 PM
Prfeno Prfeno is offline
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Save your money. Unrealistic play. If you are new to poker and call to the river this site may be for you. 55% flush hands. In a one week period you will lose to no less than three (3) Royals. Totally unbelievable probabilities. Minimum of four (4) shills per game. Save your money.

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