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Old 04-14-10, 07:39 PM
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Pokertracker: Install a better data base

I got tired of having a limited size data base that PT uses so installed PostgreSQL


It took only about 15 min to install this new data base and about 2 hrs to convert all my old hands over. Now it will be faster and no need to compact the PT data base constantly. If you data mine alot this should be the nuts. As always PT Pat gives great instructs and walks you thru the process with screenshots also. I had no trouble. There is a great forum thread for troubleshooting also.

Follow instructs in above link exactly!!

Poker Tracker comes ready to use with a Microsoft Access database that stores the statistics and text of your hand histories. For most users, the Access database is sufficient and works just fine. However, for more advanced users and users that want to store a huge amount of hands, a more robust database option has been a requested for a long time.

"PostgreSQL is a highly scalable, SQL compliant, open source object-relational database management system. With more than 15 years of development history, it is quickly becoming the de facto database for enterprise level open source solutions."

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