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Old 02-20-06, 10:23 AM
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Cool A Cheater Comes Clean

Ok, perhaps this will make me feel alot better.
I have to be honest here and admit the truth.
For the past 3 months I have been cheating online poker rooms.
I discovered a software that allowed me to see all Hole Cards.
It was too easy. Money came very quickly..just over $40,000 from three sites.
But, i felt very guilty about doing this to other players.
I can tell you some stories...but, i will decline giving specific details.
I just want to come out and admit the truth.
At the present time, i am NOT using the software. I am playing 100% legit.
I am winning..not the amounts I have gotten used to, but enough to turn a nice little profit.
The temptation is great to go back.
But there is no victory in cheating. There is no challenge.
I feel i can succeed without having to resort to unethical methods.

Perhaps there will be a happy ending to all this.
I know that the software is still being sold.
We should all write to the developers and tell them to
*&%* off. We would all rather play fair.
It is the only way for me.
Take care
PS Write them a message at: [email="Program_Code@techie.com"][edited][/email]
Fair play for everyone.

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Old 02-20-06, 03:32 PM
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I am curious to know what software you were using to cheat. I am not interested in cheating myself, but I have been trying to research such programs to warn the poker companies about them. I am also trying to do research to find out which ones are realy work and which ones are just scams. I have been wanting to expose these programs especially if they are just scams. I completely understand if you do not wish to tell me for the obvious reasons. my e-mail address is [email]justin_urving@yahoo.com[/email]
Old 02-22-06, 10:06 AM
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These is no software out there that allows you to see others whole cards. These internet sites use top of the line software to create the best security. There are poker bots that will play for you but all they do is use statistics, and can be beaten by humans. I do not worry about others seeing my whole cards, the internet sites would lose so much money if this was true.
Old 02-22-06, 05:07 PM
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i have heard about programs that run as BOTS and bet accordingly to odds and pot odds. Anyone heard of this or maybe even played against one?
Old 02-22-06, 07:37 PM
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Everyone claims to know someone who knows someone who has a bot. And everyone also claims that half of all sites (the site they lose at coincidentially) use them. Until I see tangible proof I won't spend any time worrying about them.
Old 02-23-06, 08:12 AM
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unfortunatley I do believe there are bots out there but they can be beat because they play percentages and with a little creativity the bot can be outmatched. However there are bots you can buy that will work with most big poker sites. I have not used one and wouldnt waste the money but they are out there.
Old 02-24-06, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by HomePokerGames Admin
Everyone claims to know someone who knows someone who has a bot. And everyone also claims that half of all sites (the site they lose at coincidentially) use them. Until I see tangible proof I won't spend any time worrying about them.

There are pokerbots out there the most notorious being WinHoldEm and Vex Bot.... you can get them easily although they aren't the best way to win money... you will actually loose in most cases as the good players will pick up on the bots style.... the best tool that most ppl use online though are hand calculators... they merge with various sites and allow you to have an extra edge by calculating hand percentages, monitoring betting/playing styles of your table mates to help guess at what they might have (bluffing or the having the hand), and gives you pro tips on every situation and so much more... they work with every major poker site including pokerstars, ultimatebet, partypoker, full tilt poker and paradise poker. They are cheap, easy to use, and will definetely allow you to make it in the money provided you don't killed by bad beats.

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