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Old 11-20-11, 02:38 AM
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Iv'e read two NL hold'em books right now and iv'e seen many videos and read many threads about poker. I feel that i know poker basics and theory very good. Iv'e played poker for around one and a half year. I play against friends and crush them easy. And for what iv'e seen and read ppl at .02/.04 and .05/.10 are pretty much donks with to high VPIP and are either too loose or too passive.

I think that I can win against these ppl pretty easy if we played live. But online i don't really know if i can beat them as easily, because it's so many other players out there using HUDs etc and they will probably win the money i win against the donks.

Do you guys think that I can be profitable without a HUD at the micros in .02/.04 to .10/.20?

I know it's impossible to just say like that, but what would you guys think? I will absolutely make notes and stuff in the game but I won't use a actual HUD. I wan't to see if im profitable without a HUD before i feel to spend money to buy one, i maybe won't even win money with one. So what do you guys think?

Old 12-13-11, 10:06 PM
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You absolutely do not need a HUD for those stakes. TAG should work well up to about the .10/.25 and even then just paying a little more attention to who is 3-betting and who is folding a lot should be sufficient. And no matter what level you are playing at my opinion is that a HUD is only worth while if you are playing more than 4-5 tables or see a lot of the same people all the time.
Old 09-26-15, 09:51 PM
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Quick question, this is the closest thread to my question that I can find, sorry. I’m looking for anyone that has any information on whether importing hands from a site like hhsmithy.com into PT4 or HM2 will give you an advantage, like on Stars or PartyPoker? Any information would be helpful, thanks guys!

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