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Old 07-28-06, 05:05 PM
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home game

2 away from money, AQ suit on the small i put the BB all in and calls with A4, flop Q 7 8 turn 6 river 5, bout 30 hands later and 1 out of the money get A 6 suited in SB go all in and get called with 9 5 off, flop A 6 8 turn 10, river 7, and im one out of money
Old 08-02-06, 09:02 PM
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Well, $5 sit n go tourney, holding KK, I raise big, re-raised all in by K 5 suited, so I call (would\'ve left him with like 400 in chips if he lost, so he had me covered)....flop shows 5 5 7...I didn\'t even stay to see the rest, fun...
Old 08-08-06, 12:58 AM
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dealt pocket jacks(s+c) first hand of a $30+3 sit and go in early position so flat called, 4 others call and the flop comes jh 8d 5c i raise 100 and get one caller, heads up the turn is jack diamonds my opponent checks and trying to milk it i raise 200 he thinks for a while and calls river 7d, my opponent raises 400 and i move all in putting him on nut flush or strait he calls instantly and shows 9 10 of diamonds!! i wish it had happened on a bad beat table i was gutted my four jacks losing to a strait flush! what are the odds??? but i would do exactly the same if it happened again, lightning never strikes in the same place twice, at least i hope it doesn`t!.
Old 08-13-06, 04:55 AM
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Home tourney

Just an observer, but nonetheless an interesting hand... Two players in the hand. Player A UTG all-in, button player calls. Cards flip, A has AA, B has KQs. Flop comes out A-blank-blank and we\'re all talking about another nice rocket win. Turn comes out J, river 10, runner runner for the straight to beat rockets hitting a set on the flop. It was tough to watch.
Old 08-18-06, 08:52 AM
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pacific poker

holding ace queen off suit, flopped ace queen 8, guy goes all in and i call, he has ace king..caught a king on the river..enough said
Old 08-23-06, 12:49 PM
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Party Poker

2000nl table raised to 100 two callers i had 5 5 flop Q 5 5 all 3 of us check turn is a 2 check check check, river a queen i\'m thinking yes A Q or and Q will have to call my all in, guy bets the minimum i go over the top all in.... guy instantly calls as i\'m excited to rake in a monster pot but instead he shows two red queens and hits his one outer for a queen on the RIVER ON WANTED TO THROW UP!!!!
Old 08-28-06, 04:45 PM
Toronto Shark
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dealt k6 off suit, i was in the bb. dealer raises, i call (dude was a fish). flop comes out 269 rainbow..i figure him for face cards so i go all in..he thinks for about 3 minutes, then decides to call. he flips and shows kq off suit, perfect for me. turn comes 9 of spades...awesome, no fluh draw for either of us. river comes q, (the only one left in the deck according to some other guys at the table). he pulled the only card that could have saved him!!!!
Old 09-02-06, 08:42 PM
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poker stars

was playing in a $100tourny there was 27 players left 18 make the money im 4th in chips overall and chip leader at my table. i get 10s 9s in the BB the button raised to 2000 im in for 1000 already and have about 10k in chips so i call the flop comes 6d 7s 8s, so i have the nut strait and a flush draw if i make it the raiser bets 4k pot size and i reraise to 12k and then he puts me all in i call easy he turns over Ad As the turn and river come Xs Xs giving him the nut strait on the river with the one As and i was out of a possible 8k for the winner. but it happens to everyone.
Old 09-08-06, 12:39 AM
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ultmate bet

well im playing in a cash room , im dealt K(heart) K(club) so the flop comes up K(spade) A(club) K(diamond) i slow play and bet like a buck 1 guy raises 3 so i go all in reraising 33 dollars ( advertising that i have the other 2 kings) he calls and guess what he has j 10 spades well the turn comes a Q(spades) the river comes a A(spades) the next day i had to but a new monitor (the sidwalk in front of my house broke the old one when it flew out the window)
Old 09-13-06, 04:36 AM
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Home Game

Blinds 25/50 in a tournament. I pick up AA and raise to 200. One person calls, and then my opponent pushes all in for about 15 more. I call, and he flips over 2 3 off suit. The flop comes out 2 3 6. I don\'t improve, and I am out painfully in 7th place.
Old 09-18-06, 08:32 AM
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home game

3 players left 1,000 - 2,000 blinds, fairly even stacks (30, 35k), i\'m big blind, dealt pocket 9s and raise to 5k after dealer folds and SB limps SB calls. Flop A 9 A, SB checks, I bet another 5k, SB raises to 10k (i\'m thinking SWEET!!! this chump has an ace and made a set) i call making him think that maybe I have an Ace and maybe a weak kicker. On the turn comes my 4th 9....Quads... and this guy made a full house and he thinks i\'ve got the same hand. All in, He calls, I quickly turn over my Quads as he cursed . The river, just a formality, right? NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! It\'s the 4th ACE!!!!!
Old 09-23-06, 12:29 PM
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full tilt

sitting in a 15/30 limit game i have JJ.....i raise 2 under gun, button re raises me so i call flop is JJ2..I FLOP QUADS!!!!! i bet right into it knowing he has AA or KK he re raises me and i smooth call turn is an A.........i bet again, he raises, i re raise and he caps river.....A........i bet and he re raises again...long story short...he caps and yep u guessed it AA hit running 1 outers on me NOW THATS BAD
Old 09-28-06, 04:26 PM
alan alan is offline
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I had a ace high flush an only one hand could beat me a queen high straight flush and he had it.
Old 10-03-06, 08:23 PM
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I had a ace of hearts and something else. The flop was 8 of hearts 9 of hearts and a king everybody checks the turn is a queen of hearts I bet a 100 when the blinds were 10/20 1 guy called.The river was a 10 of hearts I went all-in the other guy called he had a jack of hearts I was down to 650.He got lucky.
Old 10-09-06, 12:19 AM
DonkeySlayer DonkeySlayer is offline
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1000 buy in no limit

Live at the Bike. August 4th. I buy in for the min 1000., double up right away, then some donkey goes all in on a limp-raise, i call with A J and flop JJJ26 for quads and take down 5k. Thats a bad.......wait........I guess thats a good beat. Watch it on liveatbike.com, u got the date so watch the masta school those asshole donkeys
Old 10-14-06, 04:16 AM
Scarby Scarby is offline
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Will hill on bubble of £10 tourney

i have an average stack for the table, just over 10x the blinds, i'm on the button and am dealt 55, no raise, i call (admittedly fairly loosely), the flop comes 588 leaving me with a full house 5's full of 8's. The player to my left raises, all fold except one who pushes all (with about double my chips) in i call all in, the player to my left also calls (with about half my chip count).
Hands showing are 83, 99 and 55(me) turn is a 6, river is an 8 leaving me out
Old 10-19-06, 08:13 AM
LovinItAll LovinItAll is offline
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A More Technical Bad Beat

Not my bad beat, but.....

B&M Tourney, 9 players at our table --

I'm in seat 4 and there's a nice kid in 3. Pre-flop, there are 3 players left:

Seat 3, 7, 8

The flop comes and it's to #7 -

Seat 7 takes about a lifetime to decide what to do. Finally, she goes all-in. #8 thinks about it for a minute, then mucks.

7 flips her cards towards the muck. We'll say they ended up about 18" from her.

#3 says "Dead Hand. It's my pot."

#7 "I didn't know you were in the hand. You were covering up your cards"

#3 "I WAS NOT! Your hand is dead. You mucked."

Dealer calls the floor over, explains the actions not exactly right, and the floor decides that #7's hand is not dead. The kid calls the all-in (he had her covered about 3-1) and loses.

As the next hand is being dealt, the floor person is still close by. The kid calls her over and asks what constitutes a dead hand. The floor says, "Well, if there had been more cards to come, her hand would have been dead."

Of course, the kid goes half-ballistic. He's all-in the next 4 hands, gets a caller once, and wins the hand.

The fifth hand comes and he's all-in again. I go all-in also, and we get one more caller who has us both covered.

The kid: 6-6
Me: A-Ks (hearts)
Villian: A-Jo

The flop come x-J-x turn-x river-x (all black, of course!)

The kid leaves without a word. I wish Ace-Jack-off good luck and leave in 13th, 4 places from the money.......
Old 01-20-07, 10:12 PM
negreanufan negreanufan is offline
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Quads over Quads

Playing in our local casino tourney, 30mins into the tourney I get pocket 10's. In second position I raise, everyone folds but the small blind. Flop comes 10/A/A. Small blind checks, I think hey I flopped a boat. I bet 1,000, he calls turn is a blank, river is a ten. Wow I have quad 10's. He checks, I bet 3,000 he goes over the top goes all in. Looking at the board he should have a boat hey but I have four of kind. I have the nuts, so I call, I turn over my pocket tens to show four of kind he turns over his pocket aces to show four of kind aces. SICK....
Old 01-29-07, 12:44 AM
BigHit1 BigHit1 is offline
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Absolute Poker 5 card draw

5 card draw, $1/$2 Pot Limit, 4 players. Went in with $50 cash. After 4 or 5 hands, I have $53.00 - slow bettors. Get dealt an ACE high Heart Flush - soft raise got the nice reraise of $7 or $8 or so I wanted. I raised back a few more and he comes back again - my whole $53 is now in and I am gitty with delight. Pat and he's pat - figure a straight. Nope, Full House 6s over 3s - nice hand overall but two pat hands in a 4 handed game?!?!? Cheated? Hell no - what would be the advantage of cheating me out of 50 bucks when they make tens of millions on the rakes - c'mon people - get real. If you drop a ten spot down a rain gutter and worry about getting it out, DO NOT PLAY POKER!! You can't afford it. GL all. Have fun.
Old 02-11-07, 12:08 AM
bugistuta bugistuta is offline
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Ridiculous player

3 players left in the tournament. I'm on big blind $80, player on the button folds, other player limps in. I raise the pot $200 with wired nines. Small blind calls the raise. Flop comes out A 8 4, small blind checks. Knowing that my opponent would bet out on the Ace, I know my 9s are good so I push all in with around $500 in chips. Opponent calls with Q2 offsuit. Turn is dead, river is a Queen. That ended my tournament.
Old 05-10-07, 07:36 PM
N8SK8S N8SK8S is offline
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I hold 6c8c in the bb with no preflop raise.

Flop: 4d5c7c

UTG pushes allin, I call early in a 10 person $55 SNG

He flips over a 5d5h. I flip over the nut straight with open ended straight flush draw.

Turn: Jc
River: Jd

He hit runner runner for a full house against my straight.
Old 05-10-07, 10:29 PM
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even though it is odd he hit a runner runner pair to get his full house he also had 8 other outs on the turn to hit a pair or quads. Still a bad beat though.
Old 07-27-07, 03:38 PM
Christopher Campbell Christopher Campbell is offline
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I Was Attending A No Limit Hold'em Game At The Bally's In Atlantic City. I Had Been There For A While And Had Increased My Stack From 300-Nearly 2000. So, I Started Playing A Little Looser. I Was The Button And Out Of A Table Of Ten Probably About Eight Had Called Up To Me. My Hand Was 10-7 Spades So I Raised The Bet To $100. Following My Bet Only 4 Players Called. The Flop Came, Showing 8,9 And Another Rag, Two Of Which Being Spades. The Table Was Checked Around To Me And I Made A Bet Of $400 Which Was Met By One Caller. On The Turn A Jack Came Out I Pushed All In. Which Was Quickly Called. I Would Like To Add I Was In The 10th Position And He Was in the 1st With His Value Chips Hidden. He Turned Over His Two Cards Exposing A 10 And A Queen And Begain Counting Out The Rest Of His Stacks, Leaving Me With 200. To This Day Memory Of This Hand Makes me Furious!
Old 08-28-07, 08:03 PM
mesharkyoubait250 mesharkyoubait250 is offline
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I was playing a 180 player sng for about 2 hours and 20 minutes. I was the short stack along with one other guy both with just over 5k in chips. We were on the bubble and the other guy is just to my right. I was in the bb with A A. It folds around to the small blind (also short stacked with me) and he pushes me all in. I quickly call he flips A Q suited spades. The flop comes all rags with two spades. The turn Q and the river Q.
Old 01-28-08, 09:03 PM
fishhooks fishhooks is offline
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10/20 limit ring game. I have AA in late position. Raise to 20 and get reraised by BB, everyone else goes away, I then cap the raise. Flop is AKK. BB bets, I raise, we reraise to cap. Turn is a 2. Same bets happen, raises to cap. River is 2. He bets I call just in case of KK. Nope, he has 22. The odds of that are astronomical. This was bout 2 years ago and needless to say, haven't played there since. The other player would not chat back with me at all. Maybe it wasn't even a player at all, but maybe a program.
Old 11-07-08, 11:54 PM
Msflyangler Msflyangler is offline
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Here's mine: It was a live cash game. I was seated left of the dealer. I was first to bet. I had pocket Aces. I raised to $45. The next guy to bet was on the right of the dealer. He called. The guy in seat six raised to All-In - about $280 - so I called, probably too quickly. The guy to the right of the dealer folded, and because he was the last one in the hand before heads-up, he showed his pocket Jacks. So... it was All-In: me and Seat Six. He turns up pocket Kings. The flop came Jack, Jack, Ace. The guy who had folded the Jacks, leaned past the dealer and kept saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" to me. At first I didn't realize why; I did not realize he had folded, since he had turned up his Jacks, and I had just lost the bad beat, which was around $6,000. I did win the hand, however.
Old 06-19-09, 11:23 AM
Acesymmetric Acesymmetric is offline
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Not many bad beats described here yet.

I've only seen a couple of "real" bad beats described here, mostly it's lucky hands getting beat by marginal hands. Pocket rockets getting beat by 7-8 off is a bad beat......the bogata Royal flush is BS, no way that happens.....that's 9 out of 13 Spades in play assuming no one else folded any? Riiiiiiight.
Old 03-21-10, 04:31 AM
homedeco07 homedeco07 is offline
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Losing to hidden Quads!

Let's see..$120 buy-in...227 players, $22,700 prize pool... final 8 tables with money starting at 32(?) players.

Blinds at 800/1600/300

I'm in late position with about 33K in chips. Another small stack with similar chips stack raises from early position to about 4500 and everyone folds to me and I look down and find 99 in the hole. I consider re-raising but call hoping to flop a set and if not the guy was a bit tight and I thought He had overcards. I could take it from him post flop if undercards come on the flop.

the Flop brings 9-Q-Q. Beautiful! I flopped a boat!

He checks and I check right behind him.

The turn brings the 9!! I have QUADS!

now the board is showing 9-9-Q-Q

And I'm praying he has A-Q, K-Q or Something similar as he is drawing dead excluding the unlikely Q-Q in the hole for him.

He checks again on the turn and I check again trapping.

the river brings crap and its all over from here.

he bets 8000 and I take my time about re-raising him like I got a 9 and I think its good.

I shove after about 2 minutes and I get an insta-call with cards flying at me showing me K-Q for a boat Q's over 9's.

I don't even flinch. I flip my cards over with one 9 covering the other and do a slow slide revealing the other 9 you shoulda heard the explosion at the table. LOL! OH CHIT HE'S GOT QUADS!

I never said "I" lost to quads.
Old 03-31-10, 09:03 PM
homedeco07 homedeco07 is offline
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Unhappy poker is all mathematical probabilities and not certainties.

At the end of the day the math in poker is all mathematical probabilities and not certainties.

My Final hand in a 323 person $120 buy in tournament.

Full table.

I'm very short stacked in early-middle position with the table big stack in BB.

I have a little over 10K in chips and blinds are 800/1600/300. UGH!

I pick up AQ O/S and raise to 5500 looking for a customer to shove on and everyone fold to BB. great.. He looks down and sees 77 and calls.

now the flop misses me but it's J-10-9!! I have a double-gut shot, needing a K or and 8 to pull it out. I wasn't absolutely sure of what he had at the moment but he shoved. I cant fold this at this point so I say " I have to call this, sir." and shove the rest of my chips in.

I show my AQ and he flips his 77. I couldn't believe I was in such a good shape. 14 outs to win the hand. 3 Aces, 3 Queens, 4 Kings or 4 eights!
52% post flop...

the dealer of course is holding 27 cards. 14 theoretically are mine to win the hand.
the Turn brings a 10! the board has J-10-10-9 nice!

now any A, K, Q, J, 9 or 8 wins the hand! 20 outs!
the dealer is now holding 25 cards and 20 of them help me win... theoretically...

the River brings a 3. it's over... I got it all in with the best possible drawing hand and missed. it's ok. over the long run I win a lot of those but this one... with SO many outs... it was a bit of a surprising miss with so many outs.

poker is all mathematical probabilities and not certainties.

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