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Old 06-19-04, 06:00 PM
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POKER TOOLS - Poker Software Listings

Why don't you have PokerOffice listed?

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Old 06-21-04, 05:59 PM
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Don't forget about PokerBuddy from [URL="http://www.yourpokerbuddy.com"]www.yourpokerbuddy.com[/URL]. It's a great journal application for your poker sessions. It also has a few cool extras, including a home tournament director feature.

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Old 08-09-04, 05:59 PM
what about...
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Any opinion of the Poki's Poker Academy program?
Old 09-15-04, 05:59 PM
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I've been using poker charts for the past couple of weeks and am very happy with it. Any good programs out there for calculating odds and such?
Old 09-28-04, 05:59 PM
someone looking to run somethin
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i have a little home game which is completely run on credit, payments being on the last day of the month. we play roughly every day there are a lot of us. do you know a program to run about 10 people tracking all debts?
Old 10-01-04, 05:59 PM
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I have used Poker Journal for about a year now and it is excellent. I had previously used StatKing and the tryout version of a program offered by CardPlayer Magazine for around $30. Even though Poker Journal is free I think it is much better. Easy to use and offers powerful sorting capabilities. Keeps online results separate from brick and mortar cardrooms.
Old 04-11-05, 05:59 PM
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Check out [URL="http://www.statsgenie.com/poker"]www.statsgenie.com/poker[/URL] for a cool web based poker league management system.

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Old 04-17-05, 05:59 PM
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Also check out TheTournamentDirector.net its downloadable for a optional donation
Old 04-18-05, 05:59 PM
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[URL="http://www.texasrankem.com"]http://www.texasrankem.com[/URL] is a free online app that does alot of what pokercharts does and a few other things too

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