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Old 11-30-04, 06:00 PM
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Hi.I'm quite disappointed with Check N raise poker site.Well,first they sholud start a month a go (end of October).Then they postponed at the end of November for tecnical problem???They launch the site last Saturday,and wow,is like a desert!!!No players :-(Also,they are often out of line for tecnical problem (like the whole day of Monday).How I can trust to give to them my money if they have such a trouble?Also,how I can reach the bonus if no players in there?I don't play micro or small limit.Is a shame,cuz them site (checknraise.com),is very well done,told a launch a new way of play poker online,with new features,stuff etc..Honestly I was looking for them,and hoping for a site in the same way of PokerStars a way better (tough is really hard)But hey,is even crappy then DynamitePoker!!! :-( Really, Dynamite tables was a way much better.IMHO,I think too many fishermen in the lake at this point for the poker online business.Too many sites where the daily avg. number of players is not over 30 and play just small and micro limit...how they can survive?
Old 12-01-04, 06:00 PM
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From what I heard they postponed their launch to protect players from any technical issues they were having. 2 bad some people out there can't remember what it wuz like when then first sites came out. They were busted and took money and then lost it. From what I have seen at Checknraise, they have done a pretty damn good job out of the starting gate. So far I have played a number of games for cash and no probs.. I say if anyone can take on the big boys, it might be these guys. I think they just need some time to get the rest of their stuff ready.
Old 12-06-04, 06:00 PM
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DON'T PLAY HERE! They don't have their act together and don't answer e-mails. Do a search on RGP and you'll see multiple incidences of them not allowing cashouts for money deposited!!!
Old 12-08-04, 06:00 PM
No Style
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This is the first site I actually believe real pokwer is being played at. I am a pro. I have sent money in to some of the big sites. Same thing happened everytime. It took me at least four deposits before I was "allowed" to win. Built that fourth $50 deposit up to $1000 and then withdrew $500... never won again, tournament or live. Coincidence? I don't know. But here's what I can tell you about Check and Raise Poker. I won a few dollars in their freerolls, parlayed that into $50 and then cashed out. No problem. Now, if you can make money without having sent money in, well tjat just proves it's legit. The deals have been very normal and the outcomes are rational as if in Brock and Mortar. I think once the word gets out this will be THE site for those in the know. Only complajn is that their are not alot of players there now. But the games have been good that I've played in.
Old 12-17-04, 06:00 PM
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had problems from the start messed my pc up and they never wanted to know e-mails glad i never deposited stick to sites like betfair
Old 12-20-04, 06:00 PM
the hammer
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I really enjoyed my experience on CnR, and thought that the whole freeroll-with-rebuys concept was BRILLIANT! I rebought twice (with Check Points) and ended up placing 3rd. Also, some of my friends have said they had a problem installing Java, but it worked great for me.

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