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Old 02-06-05, 05:59 PM
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POKER TOOLS - Types of Poker Software

I saw an Ad on a chat box for SpyonPoker.com. Does anyone know anything about this software? They claim that you can view other players hole cards. Sounds like cheating to me. Replies please
Old 05-02-05, 05:59 PM
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just tried to contact spyatpoker.com and found out the contact address they have IS FAKE!!! The whole thing sounded shaddy from the start, they are selling a software that claims to allow you to see your opponents hands. The site dosen't give any details about the software, or how it works, there testomonials sound fake and very generalized. Also if a software like this really existed....why don't they offer a free trial version like some of the other softwares offer? Spread the word to others....i hope this saves everyone some $
Old 07-15-05, 05:59 PM
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I agree with AndyP_911 about spyatpoker being a rip off, but anyone who tries to buy software that claims to help you cheat by seeing the hole cards of others deserves to get cheated himself.
Old 07-18-05, 05:59 PM
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spyonpoker, why would the poker site allow access to other players cards before the end of the hand?
Old 07-22-05, 05:59 PM
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Spyonpoker can not possibly work. I did a detailed analysis of the datastream during a poker game at Party Poker. The opponents cards are not even sent in the stream. Therefore this application would need to have query access to the database that tracks the hand histories.Something even a first year computer guy could prevent. I agree that cheaters are the ones who get cheated so screw em!.
Old 07-30-05, 05:59 PM
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Spyonpoker can not possibly work, cause if its work ,they will not sell this program, but they will play himself to be rich lol

if spyonpoker program really work, plss someone send me the program !i will pay $500 after i try it into the real money n win some money lol
Old 08-06-05, 05:59 PM
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I'm glad to hear opinions that Spyonpoker doesn't work.How about Viewcards.net? And I've seen another similar program promoted. I have seen an occasional comment saying they do work, but those could be from someone connected to the distributor. What I haven't seen is someone who has actually tried the programs and proven they don't work. I don't want them to work, but am concerned about being at a disadvantage if they do. I asked PartyPoker.com about their security against such programs and did NOT get any assurance from them.Has anyone actually proven that they cannot be used against honest players?
Old 08-14-05, 05:59 PM
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They are all rip offs. If u try to contact them before u purchase u will notice that the email addresses do not exist and there is no phone number or mailing address, which is a dead give away that they are just trying to scam u out of some money.
Old 12-15-05, 05:59 PM
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I agree with pokerstud in August reply on the diferent sites that try to get you to pay for download of spyware. They cheat you out of our money . Do,nt work -do,nt buy it.
Old 03-10-06, 05:59 PM
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I find pokerspyware.net to be the real thing and the rest knock offs.

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