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Old 06-16-06, 05:14 PM
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POKER INFO - PROILE - Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth
Old 07-02-06, 10:26 AM
DonkeySlayer DonkeySlayer is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: san diego
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Ive seen her playing at caerars, very nice ass.

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Old 08-11-06, 02:32 PM
bad_dog76 bad_dog76 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
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If she was at my table I probably wouldn't be looking at my cards
Old 01-19-07, 01:32 PM
UMfanNohio UMfanNohio is offline
Join Date: Dec 2006
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Anytime I see her play poker I can't help but think of American Pie and Nadia

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