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Old 04-09-09, 07:13 PM
XcardXcounterX XcardXcounterX is offline
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GAMBLING - Blackjack Card Counting - Counting Systems

I'm confused. Is the ace for the hi/lo system counted as a 0 or counted as -1. Also can you use hi/lo system for a single deck game if so plz help.
Old 01-21-10, 06:27 PM
jrc334 jrc334 is offline
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I was wondering if I were able to correctly count every card that had been played, as in your example,

I could remember the count as one 2, two 3's, one 6, one 7, one 8 one king and one ace, would this be more benificial than the Hi Opt 2 or Hi Opt 1 counting methods?

Is it really possible to gain an advantage with that kind of accurate counting with an 8 deck table where the reshuffle is after approx 4 packs and the table limits are $5-$2500?

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