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Here you can keep track of updates to the site.

2015 - June 4

I added the following new pages about:

2015 - May 31

I added the following new pages about:

2015 - May 8

I added a page about lost lottery tickets.

2015 - May 8

I added a page about lottery scams.

2015 - May 7

I added a page about sports betting stories.

2015 - May 6

I added a page with a list of gambling stocks.

2015 - May 5

I added a page about celebrity gambling stories..

2015 - May 3

I moved the old content on my "sports betting strategies" page to a new page more acurately named sports betting tips. I plan to create a new page for sports betting strategies.

2015 - May 2

I added a page about betting on basketball, and betting on longshots.

2015 - April 6

I added a page about live sports betting.

2014 - January 1

I added 2 pages about being a professional gambler and finding beatable casino games.

2013 - December 13

The state listings are back. Read the FAQ section on the Help page to learn about the sorting of games.

2013 - October 11

Added 3 pages about brick & mortar poker. The main page is a poker room finder where you can search by zip code or state (it also shows city listings, but only for Atlantic City and Las Vegas). The 2nd page is about poker room tutorial. The 3rd page is about poker room etiquette.

2013 - October 11

Added a page about poker props.

2013 - September 30

Added a page showing poker scenes from movies.

2013 - September 29

Added a live sports odds page.

2013 - July 8


  • The game listings have been moved to "poker groups" (also referred to as "social groups"). This allows your game to have a dedicated page where you can give out a link (URL) to your game. It also allows you to post pictures, let other HPG members join your group, and have group discussions. There are various settings which you can choose that grant permissions to group members (such as posting pictures, starting discussions, etc.). In order to learn more about groups, read the "poker groups" section on the help page.
  • Poker groups (i.e. home games) which were created under the old site have been given the "moderated" status by default, and the name of the group was set to your username. Feel free to change your group's name.
  • You can now search the US listings by zip code.
  • If you didn't previously include a zip code in your listing, I inserted one that was as close as I could tell based on the location stated in your listing. Feel free to change it.
  • If you had multiple cities listed in your listing then I just picked one and deleted the rest.
  • The game and player listings are now on separate pages.
  • Game listings (poker groups) and player listings no longer show your email address. You can contact users through the following methods (if they have them turned on): (1) PMs (2) email (3) visitor messages (4) group message (for game listings).

Here are the details about the site upgrade:

1. Design Update

    I did a major re-design to make the site more visually appealing.

2. Content Updates

    ALL of the content has been refreshed and re-written. Here are some specific notable updates:

    • Home Poker section - The biggest update was in the whole "Home Poker" section where I added some good information about poker chips (including types of poker chips, and buying poker chip), and a complete update of the home poker law page.
    • Updated poker site reviews and bonus information
    • Better information about poker taxes

    I also added some a lot of new content:

    • Individual reviews of funding options - See what funding options are available and post feedback on your experiences.
    • About 80 new poker profiles.
    • Additional info on other poker events and tours.
    • A comprehensive list of poker books.
    • Gambling information - I added additional information (such as odds, history, cheating, strategy, etc.) to all of the gambling pages (roulette, craps, sports betting, etc.)
    • Help - The help page answers some basic questions.

3. Functional Updates

    I updated the backend of the site to add more functions:

    • Zip code radius search - It is easier to find games near you.
    • Individual game pages - Bookmark your individual game so you can email the URL to other people or post a link to Facebook, or anywhere else.
    • Poker groups - You can add members, upload pictures, and post group messages.

2008 - April 28th

All of the listings (both "game listings" and "player listings") have been assigned a username and password. You can now create, change, & delete your own listings, and you can also hide your email.

If you already had a forum username then your listing was integrated into that account. If you didn't already have an account, then go to the "Forgot Password" page and enter your email address. You will receive an email that tells you your username, and a chance to reset your password. If you have trouble with it, you can email me and I can do it for you.