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Old 10-21-04, 03:57 PM
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Question for Admin

I openned an absolute account with your link to get the free $10 and to see if I like the site. Games are good software is ok. I also told my friend about your link and then I was hoping to get him to deposit some money so I could get a referral. Well he is not into the online gambling thing and doesn't want to play anymore and doesn't want to bother with getting a neteller account just to cash out $20 (Bastard doubled his money in a couple days but doesnt like it???). I tried having him email support to transfer the money to me and I would just give him the 20 but they said they dont do transfers for security reasons. Which was strange because they have transfer as one of the options under the cashier. I was going to open a neteller to start moving what money I have at different sites from freebies around to start earning bonuses (15 of mine at absolute 20 of his if I can get it and 50 free at party). Can he transfer the 20 from his account to my neteller. I thought I saw you ask a question on rgp about having trouble transfering with different emails or something. Anyway any help would be appreciated



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