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Old 02-02-05, 05:46 PM
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13.5g composites compared to 11.5g's

I bought a set of 11.5g clay/composite chips off of Ebay (you know, the 500 piece set with the case, 5 colors, etc..). My friend wants a set of chips, and I kind of want to get a set of 13.5g's. Is it worth selling my chips to my buddy then spending another 10-30$ (sell my chips for 65, buy a 600 piece set of 13.5g's on ebay for 85-95$ shipped or 500 for 75-85$ shipped)? I'm a high school kid and play once or twice a week with friends, but we do take it kind of seriously. 3 other friends have the same exact chips as me (11.5g "Dice" style) so it would be nice to have a different set to use once in a while (looking at the 13.5 "Stripe Suit" ones). Plus, the 13.5g's would allow me to choose color break down (I was thinking of going for 250 white, 200 red, 100 blue, 50 black). I don't really mind spending the extra money for the new chips, but I don't want to do it if they will feel exactly like my 11.5's. Any input?
Old 02-02-05, 08:18 PM
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Yeah, definitely upgrade. It sounds like you can get them cheap. Plus, remember that you could always sell them yourself in a couple of years if you stop playing.

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