What Skills From the Poker Table Can You Apply to Other Real Life Scenarios?

Source: Pexels

Anyone who thinks poker is about simply looking at your cards and deciding whether to throw chips into the middle has never played the game properly. In each hand of Texas Hold’em, synapses in the brain are firing with more frequency than fireworks at a New Year celebration. Players need to put detailed thought into several aspects of the game all at the same time and, in doing so, they develop some skills which could be highly applicable in other situations in life.


Whether you are playing poker live or online, you need to be a keen observer. In an online setting, you can’t see the other players’ faces, but you can take note of what hands they have played in past rounds and how they like to bet. When face-to-face, there are even more things to pick up on. Psychological cues such as surreptitiously glancing at the chips, touching the face, or taking slightly too long to deliberate a decision can all come into play. Players who get used to observing these things can apply them in real life.

A good opportunity to use this form of observation would be when trying to close a sales deal or ace a job interview. By being able to spot the subtle changes in body language of the other person, you can use your poker observation skills to work out whether your pitch is working. Then, you know if you need to change tact or not.

Bankroll Management

The bankroll management that you learn when playing poker can be applied to money-saving and budgeting in real life, making sure that you have enough money to last the month while also being able to pay all your bills. That expertise can also be applied when playing other gambling games at online casinos.

While poker is predominantly a game of skill, other casino options like slots come down to chance. When playing these games, being able to allocate funds in the right way is key. When setting the stakes on slot games, for instance, you must never spend beyond your means. Poker knowledge of statistics can also come into play. When you view the top 10 slots sites, you see that the payout percentages are listed. Take these into account when assessing what your ROI may be from playing.

Emotional Control

Expert poker players have risen to the top because they have been able to minimize the negative effects that emotions can have when it comes to pulling off the optimal game plan. A lot of the time in a game of poker, the cards don’t go your way. But if you let this put you on tilt, you can end up losing more chips from making bad decisions later down the line.

Being good at poker is about controlling emotions, and not letting your feelings show. This can also be a good attribute to have in real life. When arguing with a partner, for instance, it can be easy to lose control and say things in the heat of the moment. Next time you’re in that situation, imagine you’re at the poker table and try to calm down.

There are so many skills that you will learn from playing poker which are also useful for everyday life. You probably use these techniques a lot of the time without even realising it.