Blackjack Tips

Choosing a table

  • Since 6 or 8 deck games have a higher house edge, you can improve your odds by playing single-deck (hard to find) or double-deck games. Just make sure that the casino doesn't compensate for the single or double-decks by implementing and major rules changes (like even-money payouts for blackjack) that hurt the players these games.

  • Learn the comping rules of the particular casino. Getting comped for playing blackjack isn't the same as a slot machine where you just stick your players card into the machine. The casino may have a table minimum for blackjack comps.

  • If you are a beginner it's best to take the seat that is farther to the left (on dealer's right). This will give you more time to total up your cards, look at the dealer's up-card, and remember the right decision to make while the other players are playing their hands. Keep in mind though, that other players (i.e. bad players) might criticize you if you make a play (like taking a dealer's bust card) that ends up costing them money.

  • For lower stakes, play on a less-busy day (like Monday through Thursday) and play in the morning or afternoon.

Playing strategy

  • If the correct play is to double down, you should always double for the full amount possible.

  • Don't ever take insurance.


  • Find a "match play coupon" if you can. A $10 match play coupon will have a theoretical value of about $9.94 if you play perfect basic strategy.

  • Tip the dealer - especially when you are winning.

  • As a general rule, use a bankroll that is 25 times your largest bet.

  • If you are playing in a way to maximize your payback (either through counting or just playing basic strategy), you may get criticism or advice from bad players who recommend bad plays. Keep in mind that the majority of blackjack players are not advantage players (especially at low levels). Their recommendations will often be based on nothing more than uneducated opinion. Ignore these people.


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